Why Celebrities Choose Bali Holidays

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Bali has received its recognition and popularity as a haven for those who value privacy and scenic views far from yesterday. Back in the 30s of the last century, European artists came here in search of inspiration. They rented villas in Bali, were inspired and created, sometimes they even locked themselves there until they created another masterpiece.

Bali fell in love with Hollywood stars. The most passionate fans of the island are Richard Gere, George Clooney, Madonna, and other celebrities. Even Michael Jackson himself visited the house of the famous Spanish painter Antonio Blanco. Here he found peace and tranquility inaccessible in other places.

Holidays in Bali Incognito

Bali is one of the few places where you can be alone with your thoughts. Even if the residence is located in a busy tourist part of the island, the territory of a detached villa will hide from prying eyes. Thanks to this, those who wish to remain incognito come here more and more often. Tourists and locals sometimes don’t even know that a certain celebrity is vacationing in Bali. For example, the world-famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo spent his vacation on the island.

Other stars, such as Jack Nicholson, come here for the unprecedented beauty of nature, mild climate, and colorful restaurants. The actor often visits such places in Seminyak, where he listens to jazz and orders strong drinks.


Often, celebrities come to Bali not just on vacation, but also to celebrate an important event in life, give it even greater significance, and capture in memory along with the beauty and charm of Bali. Famous actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris also chose a modest wedding ceremony in Bali. Former Miss Universe Jennifer Joaquins is among the celebrities who chose to get married in Bali.


Perhaps all tourists appreciate the island for its incredible photogenicity. Wherever you stop, you get stunning shots. In today’s world, where location choices are often based on the principle “the more Instagram the better,” and for celebrities it is a must-have part of the lifestyle, Bali is the perfect vacation destination. Sunset view of the ocean, breathtaking panorama from the cliff, picturesque rice fields, breathtaking volcanoes, unusual beaches – all these are places prepared by nature itself for photo sessions. Whichever secluded getaway you want to pamper yourself, the temptation to share gorgeous Bali shots is great.


The island is warm and sunny almost all year round. Therefore, you can always escape here from the cold climate and oppressive weather. The dry season, when there is no rain, begins in May and ends in October. But even during the rainy season, the temperature remains high. Many celebrities are attracted by this very advantage – at any time the gentle Bali sun is available to anyone.


It would seem, why should celebrities save on vacation? But for most of them, another question is important: why spend too much when it is possible not to spend this money? Bali remains one of the most attractive holiday destinations in terms of price-quality ratio. The quality of service, the attention of the staff, comfortable modern villas, the choice of food for every taste and preference – all this is incomparably cheaper compared to many European countries.

Another reason to be on the island is to improve your mental well-being. Celebrities come here for a special sense of unity with nature. Take a break from the frantic rhythm of the city, noisy streets, crowds of passers-by, hundreds of curious glances – this is not here. There is only what you need for maximum comfort.

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