Who in Hollywood Loves Dogs the Most?

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We remembered the “best friends of man”, whom the owners arranged a truly fabulous life.

The appearance in the life of Kristen Stewart of a four-footed friend caused no less resonance in the press than the appearance of a new boyfriend. Photos from the walk of the actress with her pet spread throughout the media around the world. It seems that Kristen took an example from her colleagues in the shop and decided to heal wounds after failures in her personal life with the help of man’s most faithful friend – a dog.

Finn – Amanda Seyfried’s dog

Perhaps this is the most spoiled by the love of the mistress of the dog in Hollywood. Amanda Seyfried is so obsessed with her pet that her Instagram is more like a chronicle of the life of her beloved pet. Finn is an Australian Shepherd and the main “person” in the life of an actress. “I’m obsessed with my dog,” the actress said in an interview back in 2010. “He became my son and my source of light.” Finn is always there for Amanda, wherever she is. The actress has not had any novels for a long time: a year has passed since the completion of the latter (the actress met with actor Josh Hartnett for just a few months and offered to part with her friends). In general, Finn does not have to share a place in the heart of his mistress with anyone else.

Penny – Blake Lively’s dog

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively is a truly glamorous young lady. The actress also has an obligatory “four-legged” attribute – a small dog. This is a charming red-haired baby Maltipu breed – a cross between a Maltese lapdog and a poodle. She appeared in the life of an actress in November 2009. When Blake just started to go out with a puppy, many thought that the girl was holding a plush toy – her Penny is so adorable. Anything is allowed to the pet. She got away with the fact that she relieved a small need right on the mistress’s dress. The actress’s assistant tried to cover the stain with a shopping bag, but the paparazzi still captured the moment of shame. Blake claims that her dog gets maximum attention: the actress takes her with her to a feast, to the world, and to good people. “Most of all I love my Penny, Chanel bags, and food!” – Lively admits with a laugh. By the way, the actress buys clothes for her dog only in the best boutiques selling clothes for animals. With the advent of Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds, Penny’s life also changed. The dog has a friend – the dog Baxter, the beloved pet of the owner’s husband.

Baxter – Ryan Reynolds’ dog

The puppy – the fruit of the love of an ordinary mongrel and a Labrador – Ryan got in 2010, right after breaking up with Scarlett Johansson. Reynolds’ new wife, Blake Lively, quickly found a common language with Baxter. While her husband is on business trips and on the set, Blake is happy to deal with his dog. She took Baxter with her and on the set of “Gossip Girl” with Penny. Blake did not trust the dogs to assistants and walked herself in between takes. Now the couple live in the New York suburb of Bedford in a joint house, which they purchased for $ 2 million, along with their pets.

Saydee – Orlando Bloom’s dog

This actor has a love for dogs from childhood. When he and his sister were young, their parents kept dogs. Having started an independent life, Orlando does not change the family tradition. In 2004, Bloom brought from Morocco, where he starred in the movie Kingdom of Heaven, a living souvenir. “In the arms of some old man in the market, I saw a tiny black puppy about three weeks old and thought, ‘Thank God, he has a home.’ But two weeks later, when I was in the same place, I saw this puppy again: he was sitting in a dirty cardboard box and, whining, trying to eat camel shit. I realized that this dog has no home and needs to be rescued, ”the actor recalls. He was not embarrassed by the red tape with documents for the export of the dog, nor the need to give her a bunch of vaccinations before entering America. The pet was named Saydi. The dog went with him to the shooting, went to the cafe for the company and even visited with the owner at the concert of the Coldplay group. The actor himself prepared food for his favorite, not trusting professional food, and did not mind when she went to bed next to him. The latter shocked supermodel Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom’s wife, to the core. At the dawn of their relationship, this even almost caused the collapse of the newly emerging romance. Miranda herself, like any glamorous girl, has Frankie’s Yorkshire Terrier. But in the end, Orlando and Miranda, also an inveterate dog lover, nevertheless came to a compromise: Saidy, along with Frankie, moved from the master’s bed to the sofa. The couple, along with their two-year-old son Flynn, love to spend a rare joint weekend with the whole family, to which they include their pets.

Atticus and Boo Radley – Jake Gyllenhaal’s dogs

This actor has two favorite pets at once and, to his credit, there is more than enough love for everyone. Jake Gyllenhaal is a serious guy, always chooses difficult roles and reads smart books. The actor named his pets after the main characters of his favorite literary work – “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Atticus is a German Shepherd, and Boo Radley is a Puggle, Mestizo Pug and Beagle. Jake found Atticus in the animal rescue service in 2002 with his then girlfriend Kirsten Dunst: the actress literally fell in love with a puppy. For a short two years, the dog was their common property. However, after a relatively friendly breakup in 2004, Atticus stayed with Jake. “I love animals,” says the actor. “I learn from them loyalty and the ability to enjoy life in any circumstance. My parents have three cats, my sister (actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. – Approx. “TN”) – two. ” By the way, it was Jake’s sister who came to the rescue when a tiny puppy Boo appeared in his house in 2005. By the way, Jake’s mother, writer Naomi Foner, enjoys spending time with her son’s pets: she walks and stays with them when Jake leaves for the shooting. According to the owner, the dogs get along well. Old man Atticus, who will turn 11 this year, regularly accompanies the owner on daily runs, and baby Boo Radley replaces Jake’s child – he is constantly in the owner’s arms. Pets even go out with Jake. Once the actor took part in the auction of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. He was one of 40 celebrities who signed wooden souvenir dog bones for sale at a charity auction. In addition, Gyllenhaal put up for auction and paw prints of his pets, who with an important look accompanied the owner at the ceremony. “I feel great joy and smile when I see my dogs. They make my life as complete as possible, for which I am very grateful to them, ”admits Jake.

Charlotte – Bradley Cooper’s dog

“When a woman appears in my house, I honestly say: you have to love my dog, she comes in the same set with me,” the actor says. Bradley Cooper has two four-legged friends at once – a huge German short-haired pointer dog named Samson and a mestizo chow-chow and a golden retriever named Charlotte. The actor found both of his pets in animal shelters. The first was Samson – Bradley literally saved him from death by taking a dog from an animal shelter when it was less than a week before euthanasia (as you know, in the United States, dogs are kept in shelters for a limited time, and if you cannot find owners or donate them to charities, animals are euthanized). The actor found the beautiful Charlotte at an orphanage in Santa Monica a little later. “I fell in love with her at first sight,” admitted Cooper. In 2010, grief happened: Samson, who had lived in love and care for 13 years, died. Now his huge portrait adorns Bradley Cooper’s living room. And the actor who was left without a dog company, the actor takes everywhere with him, so she is already used to travel and the nomadic life of a star.

Paco – Olivia Wilde’s dog

Paco’s blond “courtyard” was inherited by the actress after her divorce from the Italian aristocrat Tao Raspoli. In 2011, their union broke up after almost 8 years of marriage. In addition to real estate and money, the young people also shared the dogs: the bulldog Lola remained with Tao, and Olivia took with her the blond “yard terrier” Paco. For some time after the divorce, Olivia’s heart was not occupied by anyone, and Paco brightened up her loneliness. “It’s so sad that my dog ​​is, in fact, the only man in my life. It’s actually funny. Even funny. I don’t meet with anyone. He is the only one I need, ”the actress complained in her microblog at the time. Although now she is already engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis, Olivia does not forget to give affection to her tailed pet. Paparazzi now and then take pictures of how the actress without hesitation hugs and kisses her dog on walks. By the way, the pet of the star of “Doctor House” also got its five minutes of fame. In 2006, he starred in an advertisement for the American clothing chain Old Navy. Olivia then jokingly said that the charming dog achieved everything on her own – without the help of the star “mommy”.

George – Ryan Gosling’s dog

The actor loves his four-legged friend, despite the fact that he is just a mongrel. 12 years ago, the actor rescued a dog and two cats from a Canadian shelter. For a long time, no one wanted to take the animals, and the leadership of the shelter decided to put the poor fellows to sleep. Ryan made it at the last moment. He left the cats to his parents in Toronto, and took the dog with him, going to conquer Hollywood. The actor still adores his pet, trusts him to no one and does not part with him even for the duration of his work. Gosling does not hide the fact that for a long time the dog was the only creature close to him in New York. “But the relationship with my dog ​​is the longest in my life,” the actor said in an interview. Now Gosling is dating actress Eva Mendes. She became the first person whom Ryan trusts his beloved pet during his absence. Eva herself also has a dog – a large German shepherd, so it was not difficult for her to find a common language with Gosling’s favorite.

Einstein – George Clooney’s dog

The actor loves his four-legged friend so much that he takes him to dog spas. Clooney took the dog from a shelter in Los Angeles and has not parted with him since. Einstein is a black cocker spaniel. He has everything: expensive food, the care of the housekeeper, the supervision of the veterinarian. But the most important thing is the beloved owner. Lovelace George Clooney changes women like gloves but is unwaveringly loyal to his dog. The actor takes the pet with him on vacation, even if he goes there with a new passion.

Fozzie – Lady Gaga’s dog

The pet of the queen of shocking is a Labradoodle, that is, a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. Fozzie’s Labradoodle is luckier in impressions than any other dog. He often accompanies the hostess on tour, goes with her to various events, and then appears on the pages of glamorous magazines, gets into the lenses of the best fashion photographers of our time. In Italy, for example, the dog met Donatella Versace herself, and in Helsinki, he was photographed with the owner of two Finnish soldiers. In addition, the eccentric mistress introduces her beloved pet to the painting.

Douglas and Oliver – Drew Barrymore’s dogs

Douglas and Oliver became a part of the actress’s life long before the appearance of their daughter Olive. When the actress and her husband Will Kopelman were waiting for the birth of the baby, they were very worried about how a newborn child and two dogs would get along in the same house. But the parents-to-be were worried in vain. The dogs were well received by the arrival of a new family member, and Douglas even became the bodyguard of little Olive. “Douglas can sit for hours and look out the window – to protect the peace of the baby, – said the happy mom. “I take care of Olive and protect her, but I believe that children who grow up in a house with dogs have the best immunity. They are less irritated and are not allergic to pollen. Plus, dogs are simply improving your quality of life. ”

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