TOP 5 Vacation Spots Popular With Hollywood Stars

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Finding out where Hollywood stars rest is a dream of any gambling movie fan who is ready to travel the world. Sometimes this is not easy, because celebrities tired of fame and paparazzi lenses often look for deserted islands at the end of the world, where they will definitely not be taken by surprise. That is why the Hollywood resorts themselves have long been empty of actors and actresses, and moved into the segment of ordinary vacation spots, even for spoiled Americans.

But from year to year, some media person will still “light up” in front of the press, and the Vipgeo portal has prepared for you a relatively accurate list of places where Hollywood stars rest, and where you should go for autographs in the first place.

Saint Tropez, France

Asking how Hollywood stars are resting, many guess the answer – luxuriously, and preferably away from America. For many years, the list of places that meet this criterion includes the pearl of the Côte d’Azur – the town of Saint-Tropez.

We also remember from the films with Louis de Funes that tourism is fine here, and the beach industry is thriving from spring to mid-autumn. It was at this time that the creative elite from all over the world come here because the most prestigious film festival is taking place in neighboring Cannes, walking along the red carpet of which is already an achievement and an indicator of serious recognition in the cinema environment.

Do not doubt that the rooms of the most expensive hotels near the coast are booked six months in advance by representatives of this or that actress, who will secretly bare her breasts on a private beach. But you will hardly be able to get there – such sectors are protected at the level of state facilities during the festival.

To try their luck to be near the idol, even for a moment, many settle in the area of ​​the city port and the citadel, where the most popular five-star hotels are within walking distance. By the way, the gendarmerie building is also located here, where the filming of the legendary comedy franchise took place.

But if you are not lucky enough to take the cherished photo, do not be sad. The city itself is quite suitable for filming an amateur movie about recreation. No wonder many musicians, artists, and writers devoted their work to this province with a population of 4 thousand people.

Of the promoted movie stars who have been seen on the streets of Saint-Tropez from year to year, the most frequent guests are Olga Kurylenko, Orlando Bloom, Bradley Cooper, Keanu Reeves, Antonio Banderas, Elizabeth Hurley, Penelope Cruz.

Necker, Virgin Islands

Popular resorts of show business stars often include a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea, the location of which is not known by every search engine. We are talking about Necker, but not about an uninhabited piece of land somewhere near Hawaii, but about private property within the Virginia Archipelago, or rather, that part of it that is under the jurisdiction of the British Crown.

The uniqueness of the place is that the entire area of ​​the island is owned by the tycoon Richard Branson, the owner of the “Virgin” corporation. The territory has been ennobled to such an extent that every corner here is designed to make the rest comfortable and as safe as possible. Which, of course, affects the prices – only the most affluent actors can afford to live here.

The latter fact seriously influenced the actual possibility of getting here. Some capricious stars easily rent the entire island for a couple of months for a couple of million dollars and rest the way they want. In this case, they have at their disposal 6 villas, a restaurant with eminent chefs, a SPA center, and an entertainment area.

But this is not the only thing that made a piece of land in the middle of a turquoise sea famous. Nature itself favors him, inhabiting the jungle surrounding the hotel with unusual inhabitants. In the depths of the thickets, tiny hummingbirds live, and at sunset, pink flamingos stroll along with one of the beaches.

The chance to be in such a “private club”, albeit small, but still exists. You only have to book a year, or even a year and a half, since the maximum capacity of the hotel is 28 people, the staff is about twice as large. And, of course, no one will say, for any money, who will rest at the same time as you.

Major movie stars who have ever found themselves on the Necker coast are Steven Spielberg, Pamela Anderson, Eddie Murphy, Kate Winslet, Harrison Ford, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson.

Miami Beach, USA

Where do American celebrities rest if not in Miami Beach? The suburb of the state capital, which has become a symbol of sunny Florida, is often confused with the metropolis itself, which has mixed in itself so many cultures that it is enough for an entire country, but all this is one big city with a luxury tourist infrastructure and appropriate entourage.

As if copied from postcards, neat houses along the central embankment are those hotels where Hollywood stars rest, very often – wasting seasons and time, just to get away from California studios with obsessive bosses and agents offering another role in a blockbuster.

However, Miami Beach itself is included in the very resorts of Hollywood, which often flash on the big screens. “Bodyguard”, “Scarface”, “Bad Santa”, “True Lies”, “Ace Ventura” – at least one of these films you’ve definitely seen, and some of the textured filming took place on the main beach of the US East Coast.

It is impossible to guess which of your idols will be in the next room, but almost every month there are serious scandals in the city related to the paparazzi and autograph seekers, so there will be a chance to “run into” someone, but do not rejoice in advance – the actors are not always delighted with the increased attention of loyal fans.

By the way, you can cross with a star not only on land but also on the water – many people keep their luxury yachts on the Miami pier and go out to sea with enviable regularity. It is not a fact that tourists will even be allowed to approach the snow-white beauties, but you can try – what if some eccentric director himself wants to “go out to the people”.

A complete list of famous people who in one way or another prefer Miami Beach will take several pages, here are just a few names: Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Mark Wahlberg, Vin Diesel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsey Lohan.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Well, where do Hollywood stars rest, who prefer peace and solitude, but do not want to fly to the other end of the planet? Of course, in Mexico, although there are a thousand rumors about it, it is mostly gangsters and drug dealers who run here. For some of the creative elite, this is a small homeland, but for some, it is better to stay “on the continent” because of a busy work schedule.

So, how do Hollywood stars relax with their southern neighbors? Surprisingly modest, although they choose not the cheapest resorts for this, for example, Cabo San Lucas. In fact, this is the most visited resort by Americans, and even located in the Mexican part of historic California, because of which rivers of blood flowed at one time.

Now the city is a corner of tranquility on the Pacific coast, where the infrastructure of marine entertainment has been competing with world resorts since the 1950s. Here you can splash on the shallows, go surfing, and even swim with dolphins in a couple of coves, which will delight any tourist, even if he does not “catch” any celebrity in the camera lens.

By the way, all the beaches in Cabo San Lucas are located where they should be – outside the city. The center, along with the port, is completely devoted to nightlife with clubs, live music restaurants, promenades, and boat docks. What format of rest the next star will choose is a secret that only she knows, many prefer to settle incognito, or even under a false name.

The only disadvantage of the resort is that it is located in a zone close to the tropics, so the season here lasts from November to March, and the influx of guests is always observed at Christmas and other popular winter holidays. In summer, the city is flooded with rains, and every 3-4 years there are destructive hurricanes that affect the outskirts of the city.

From the personalities that are heard in the media space, Cabo San Lucas is chosen: George Clooney, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Enrique Iglesias.

Saint Barthelemy, France

It is included in the popular resorts of the stars and the islet of Saint Barthelemy, part of the overseas territories of France in the Caribbean. Once the region belonged to Guadeloupe, but now it is a self-sustaining area, actively developing a tourist profile, designed for wealthy guests from all over the world.

What makes it a place where celebrities and assistants close to a select few rest? Yes, at least the fact that a piece of land began to develop almost immediately after the Second World War when David Rockefeller bought the most “fat” plots and began to build them up with tenement houses. Literally, 20 years later, dozens of filmmakers began to fly here, maintaining the status of the richest people in their country.

There really is something to see on the island. Rare villas surrounded by hedges, pristine beaches of white and yellowish sand, and secluded coves with turquoise-blue water – isn’t that what a piece of paradise looks like as seen by film producers? Add to this a unique ethnic composition with mulattos and Creoles speaking French, and you get an exotic resort a couple of hours flight from the states.

By the way, there are not so many beaches here, but there are huge opportunities for hiking right along the hills overgrown with palm trees. Recreation areas are strictly delimited, surrounded by fences with inscriptions about private property. Who knows, maybe your favorite director lives here somewhere, cleaning the deck of his yacht from small fish every day?

Due to the confidentiality of the island, there is no exact information about the resident celebrities, but there is a small list of names who probably flies in for walk-in local parks in between filming: Nicole Kidman, Sylvester Stallone, Jessica Alba, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp.


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