The Most Expensive Places Where Celebrities Rest

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Here is a list of addresses where you can easily meet billionaires, oligarchs, Hollywood stars, and show business. And do not be confused by the strong smell of money emanating from these places. Anyone can get here, having saved up a hefty amount.

Saint Barthélemy, Caribbean

An unremarkable island of volcanic origin, located 20 km from St. Maarten, instantly became a center of attraction for owners of fabulous money. In 1957, David Rockefeller (the grandson of that same Rockefeller) bought a house here, and after him the rest of the powers that be. So the island became a hangout for millionaires. The cost of 70 acres of land with bungalows with ocean views, tennis courts, swimming pools, dance, and dining pavilions amounted to almost $ 90 million. However, the island is open to ordinary tourists. The beaches here are municipal, and not only millionaires can use them.

Costa Smeralda, Italy

Costa Smeralda, or in translation from Italian “Emerald Coast”, is the most expensive place in Europe, where the rich and famous like to come on vacation – until the middle of the last century it remained the most beautiful, but deserted coast. Everything changed when the Arab prince Karim Aga Khan IV visited here in 1961, who literally fell in love with these places. Since at that time the Costa Smeralda was of no value, he managed to buy out a plot of land in Sardinia for only $ 25,000. After that, the construction of a “reservation for millionaires” began here – an airport, roads, luxurious villas, marinas, etc. Two years later, the Costa Smeralda has become a favorite vacation spot for financial tycoons and Hollywood stars. One of the James Bond episodes was even filmed here. A few years ago, Costa Smeralda was bought by the Emir of Qatar for 600 million euros. The development of the luxury resort will continue.

House of Singita Serengeti, Tanzania

An elite vacation in Africa includes a safari, climbing Kilimanjaro, and a stop at Singita Serengeti. The hotel is located in the Grumeti Nature Reserve in Tanzania. This exclusive residence, rented on request only, is the most luxurious in Africa and probably unparalleled in the world. Guests can enjoy one of the most diverse natural ecosystems in the world and see African wildlife wander around every day. The hotel’s elegant décor is in keeping with the natural environment. With breathtaking landscapes, stunningly decorated rooms, full personal service, and unconditional privacy, Singita Serengeti House is the epitome of luxury holidays that only a select few can enjoy.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This resort, located at the southernmost point of the California Peninsula, is a favorite vacation spot for the world’s richest people. Due to the fact that sunny weather is guaranteed regardless of the season, this place attracts many. Cabo noted in travel blogs as the “Pearl of Bahia”, is one of the world’s top-rated beach resorts. Here are the most delightful landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, luxurious beaches, and an appropriate level of infrastructure: golf courses, yacht clubs, hotels, everything for water sports. Mainly wealthy Americans and Canadians have a rest in Cape, “golden youth” come to alternate beaches with nightclubs. Lovers of a quiet holiday are definitely not here, but you can have fun and have a good time here, like nowhere else in Mexico.

Rambaga Palace, India

Rambaga Palace is considered the “pearl of Jaipur” for its superb interiors and delightful grounds. He has been repeatedly noted by authoritative travel publications as the most beautiful in the world. It belonged to the family of Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II until 1957 and is now in corporate ownership. Members of the English royal family have stayed here on several occasions, including Lord Mountbatten and his nephew, Prince of Wales Charles. The hotel offers its guests regal grandeur and luxurious decor, as well as 24-hour in-room personal butler service.

Hamilton Island, Australia

Perhaps someone is not ready to go to the ends of the world for a good holiday, but the Great Barrier Reef definitely deserves it. Off the coast of Queensland is tiny Hamilton Island, home to four incredibly expensive resorts. Cozy white sand beaches, luxury hotels, exotic bungalows, luxury restaurants are at the complete disposal of tourists who have chosen this island to spend their holidays in Australia. The island has been privately owned since 2003, but its history – and what! – started much earlier. The Ngaro Aboriginal tribe has lived here for at least 8,000 years, and in 1770 the famous Captain Cook stayed on the island. A real “live” attraction in Hamilton is the seasonal migration of whales, which takes place in coastal waters from July to September.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Sin City is one of the places where wealthy people aspire. Even in the era of cheap flights and hotels, Las Vegas still retains a special status, offering the rich many indulgences that are hardly possible anywhere else in the world. One of the most luxurious places to stay in Vegas is Wynn Las Vegas 5 *. With a private check-in desk, enhanced security, and award-winning spas, this hotel protects the rich from the less wealthy. The hotel’s numerous boutiques provide the resident with a selection of the exclusive fashion lines of Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Manolo Blahnik. If you want, you can buy a Ferrari right at the hotel. In a word – do not hesitate and do not deny yourself anything!

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