Pugs are very nice and friendly, have a strong affection for family members, playfully greet people who come to visit at the doorstep of the apartment. But at the same time, due to their kind disposition, they are too friendly towards strangers. Many celebrities have opted for such a beautiful dog as the Pug. We present to you a selection of some famous people with their pets – Pugs.

Kelly Brook

Tori Spelling

Dennis Quaid

“A dog is a man’s best friend” – many celebrities would agree with this phrase. For famous people, a dog is a source of kindness and affection, she is always glad to the arrival of the owner and loves to spend time with him. The celebrities themselves have so attached to their pets that their lesser friends become real family members. We invite you to meet the star Pugs, who have won the hearts of the stars themselves and their fans.

Amber Rose

Billy Joel

Charlie Sheen

A Pug is a dog with a stable psyche, not prone to sudden mood swings, nervousness, or aggression. At the same time, the animal quickly adjusts to the rhythm of the owner’s life and accepts his children. Their unique charm has captivated many of Hollywood’s top celebrities who simply fell in love with this dog. In 2004, the breed won the title of “Best Breed for Show” at the World Dog Show. This has led to the even greater popularity of these dogs, especially among the leading Hollywood celebrities. We present to your attention some of the most high-profile names of celebrities who have Pugs and who simply adore them.

Adrian Grenier

Andy Warhol

Norman Mailer