Brigitte Bardot

“I prefer to spend time with animals rather than people. Animals are honest. If they don’t like you, they just don’t come up to you, ”the actress once said. Her merits in the fight for animal rights are difficult to exaggerate, their list is almost endless. Let’s talk in more detail about what exactly Madame Bardot did to make life easier for our brothers in the cruel world of people.

Brigitte thought about the fate of the unfortunate animals long before she said goodbye to her career as an actress. Back in the early 1960s, Brigitte voiced her firm and uncompromising position on the cruel and inhuman treatment of animals in slaughterhouses throughout France. She fought so selflessly for the rights of these animals that the French government could not withstand her pressure and imposed a ban on outdated methods of killing animals. Instead, the country’s top leadership decided that more humane and painless methods of killing with stun guns should be used in slaughterhouses.

Also, Brigitte Bordeaux became interested in how the representatives of the fauna are treated in the zoos of Paris and other cities in France. Her efforts were not in vain. As it turned out, in several zoos in the country, the conditions for keeping animals were simply unacceptable, both sanitary standards and the feeding regime were violated, and in addition, cases of cruelty to animals and even their death in captivity were found. After Madame Bordeaux drew the attention of the French authorities to bullying and terrible conditions for keeping animals, several French zoos were closed, others were issued numerous fines and orders – to put the zoo’s premises in order and create favorable living conditions for its inhabitants.

Also, Brigitte Bordeaux is an ardent opponent of wearing natural fur. After all, these adorable fur coats, coats, hats, vests are created by killing unfortunate animals in the most horrifying ways. She personally took care of the wounded animals, abandoned to their fate, into her fragile hands. Since then, as a brave woman challenged poachers around the world, she has made many enemies in the person of these very poachers, hunters, and butchers. Many even threatened Madame Bardot, and some went to extreme measures, killing several of her pets.

After long harassment, Brigitte decided that she could not cope alone, so it was necessary to create a fund whose main goal would be the welfare and protection of animals. This required a lot of effort and a lot of money. Brigitte put up all her jewelry and belongings for auction in order to establish a foundation. And she did it. Donations began to flow to the fund. But, the more actively the activities of Madame Bardot’s organization expanded, the more financial resources were required to maintain it. Over time, it became clear that the donations were clearly not enough to implement all the grandiose plans Brigitte. In order for the French government to grant the foundation the status of a public organization, the foundation had to have impressive capital. Then Brigitte Bardot went to extreme measures. In order for her beloved brainchild to continue to exist, she transferred the ownership of her villa in France, which was worth more than 20 million francs, to the foundation. By the way, not in every zoo, you can find so many diverse representatives of the fauna as in Madame Bardot’s villa.

Alain Delon

Even at the time of his youth, Alain Delon preferred voluminous military jackets, which made it possible to hide and warm the puppies encountered on the way in their bowels. Today, the famous actor is already over eighty, but his love for our younger brothers has survived and transformed into several shelters for homeless animals. Several dogs also live in the actor’s house. He even bred a special breed of these animals. Delon always says that dogs remind him of a sick child who is set aside for life for some ten or fifteen years.

His love for animals is not limited to shelter maintenance. In Switzerland, where the actor lives permanently, he is known as the person who created the first precedent in judicial practice, when the victim himself – the dog Mambo – was present at the court session. And it all started with the fact that a harmless dog approached a group of teenagers, hoping to get a piece of something tasty. And in response, he received severe burns. The teenagers decided that dousing the unfortunate dog with gasoline and setting it on fire was fun. Alain Delon could not pass by such a blatant case of cruelty, and with his own hand he called his veterinarian for Mambo, and for the offenders, he achieved real terms through the court. By the way, Mambo even had his own lawyers during the hearing.

Eight dogs live on his estate, and on the territory of the residence, there is a special cemetery for animals that have already left the world. Today the cemetery has about 45 burials. The actor built a chapel on the territory of the churchyard and is going to rest here, among his faithful friends. He even received special permission from the authorities in this regard. Alain Delon considers such an opportunity an extraordinary luxury. A three-legged cat also found shelter on his estate. Once this unfortunate animal was tied to a car and its leg was torn off. Delon called a helicopter to take the cat to the vet and save her life. Since then, she has settled in the actor’s mansion and feels wonderful.

Marlon Brando

All unmarried girls and married ladies of the 20th century dreamed of kissing Marlon Brando, and if he changed ladies like gloves, then he carried his love for cats throughout his life. Any courtyard kitty could count on the caress and kiss of this iconic handsome man.

As a child, Marlon had a weakness for animals and endlessly brought home discarded kittens, puppies, and all kinds of substandard sparrows. But his father, without the slightest pity, threw away by the scruff of all the animals that he saw in the hands of children. The heart of the future Don Vito Corleone each time sank with pity when he saw the next legs fluttering in the air.

By the way, the cat that starred with him in The Godfather was also found literally in the garbage, and it only appeared in the frame thanks to Marlon Brando. The fluffy “actress” entered the set by accident and spun under everyone’s feet for a while, until Marlon Brando, the performer of the role of Don Corleone, noticed her – he lifted the cat to his knees and began to play with it and stroke it. Everyone around was struck by the contrast between Brando’s frightening image and his tender affection for the animal. Coppola decided to insert a similar scene into the film, so the cat got its first role.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio became famous for his incomparable talent in the world of big cinema. For more than twenty years, the star has captivated viewers with her perfect acting, vivid roles, and unusual stories. But Leonardo DiCaprio is also considered the main adherent of the “green” lifestyle among Hollywood celebrities. He takes an active part in various actions for the protection of animal rights.

As a teenager, Leo always had a strong affection and love for animals. He always had dogs at home. But DiCaprio also regularly fed stray animals. At an older age, Leo even wanted to become a researcher in the field of oceanography, but still chose a different path, but due to his strong love for animals, DiCaprio became a vegetarian and created several animal shelters.

It is worth noting the fact that Leonardo is a member of a fund that is engaged in environmental protection. There he regularly transfers huge amounts of money. In addition, the artist constantly shoots short films that demonstrate the harmful influence of man on nature.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed.

The Vampire Diaries star and his wife Nikki Reed raise not only cats and dogs, but also a horse. The actor rescued three cats in different parts of America and brought them to his home. Ian also picked up the dog: it happened in 2013, when the actor was driving home from the filming of the series. This “animal” story did not end there – a horse named Eagle was presented to the actor by his wife. Nikki and Ian are active in the fight for animal rights and often make calls for a new friend from the shelter.

Nikki Reed has always been distinguished by her love for “our little brothers”, which was the beginning of the collaboration of the actress with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She has developed a series of jewelry called “Mattlin Era”, all accessories of which are imbued with motives and images of animals. The proceeds from the sale of jewelry go to a special fund and help save the lives of many of America’s animals.

Nikki Reed: As a child, my mother allowed me to bring anyone I wanted the home to. My brother and I had a little coyote, a raccoon, and a squirrel. We fed them with a dropper. I am very glad that I and Ian are on the same side of the barricades on the issue of animals – we are doing everything together!

Ian Somerhalder publicly speaks out against the killing of four-legged friends, opposes the hunting of seals and the use of fur. Ian also organized a charitable foundation whose activities are aimed at preserving endangered species. Somerhalder recently received the prestigious Genesis Awards for his contribution to the fight for animal rights – an award for film and television stars who care about the problems of our smaller brothers.

Natalie Portman

After 8-year-old Natalie attended a medical conference with her father and saw how a poor chicken was “tortured” with a surgical laser, the girl flatly refused to eat meat. At the age of 15, the actress gave up other animal products, explaining her decision by the fact that she did not want to eat at the expense of the suffering of our smaller brothers.

Portman is an activist for Global Green USA, an international environmental organization. She, as an animal rights activist, will never wear natural leather or fur either at home or on the set. Natalie turned down the role when she had to wear a genuine leather suit on the set. When asked about rejection, this is what she said: “I am an animal lover and I have been a vegetarian for 17 years. I do not wear leather goods in my own life, and I will not wear them in the film either. They have to make me clothes made of artificial leather, or I will not take off. ”

Natalie Portman also creates vegan clothing and footwear made from non-animal materials. In addition, the actress took part in the filming of the documentary “Saving Species: Gorillas on the Verge of Extinction” for Animal Planet, which talks about the threat of extermination of rainforest animals.

+ an epic photo if you’re tired of reading.

Charlize Theron

Like many Hollywood actresses, Charlize is active in the public arena. Everyone knows her love for animals and her work at PETA.

In her interviews, the actress has repeatedly emphasized that she sees no point in the suffering of living beings for the sake of whim and fashion: “Animals that are killed for their fur and skin are no different from our pets – the only difference is that there is someone to take care of the latter” … The actress herself does not change her principles and does not wear fur and leather products.

Charlize has several dogs, and all of them are from the shelter (she took one of them only after learning that he had cancer), and she is also a vegetarian.

Paul and Stella McCartney

One of the soloists of The Beatles has long been a vegetarian and an ardent animal advocate. In one speech, McCartney said that he was impressed by the Disney cartoon “Bambi”, which he watched as a child, although he made the decision to become a vegetarian in adulthood with his now-deceased wife Linda. The singer supports many organizations that protect our younger brothers, takes part in various actions, in particular, a couple of years ago McCartney supported a campaign that advocates a ban on the use of animals in the circus.

The Beatle also demanded a ban on the preparation and sale of foie gras, a French delicacy made from goose liver. A couple of years ago, McCartney called China a barbaric country and said that he would never play there. According to PETA, more than two million cats and dogs are used for fur products in China alone every year. And now the love for the feathered, shaggy, and mustachioed is reflected in the performances of the star. There are new points in his rider that concert organizers must observe. The singer’s requirements relate primarily to interiors, they should not contain anything at least somehow related to genuine leather: upholstery of sofas, limousine seats, accessories, all of them should be covered only in textiles, metal, and wood.

His daughter, clothing designer Stella McCartney, is in solidarity with her father. In her collections, Stella does not use natural fur and leather, replacing them with artificial ones. The designer speaks out against materials of animal origin and encourages colleagues in the shop to follow her example.

Tom Hardy

We’re crazy about Tom Hardy. And he is crazy about dogs. The actor has a special affection for them: “I just really love them. You will never convince a dog that you are not who you say you are. The dog is the best critic, the strictest. ”

After the death of her beloved pet, Tom wrote a letter of appeal on her blog: “He was only six years old. He was too young to leave us. I and my loved ones are crushed by this loss. Woody was the best travel companion in life we could only dream of. Our souls are intertwined forever. Thank you Woody for choosing us. We will always love you and never forget. I will see you when I also go to heaven. ”

Pamela Anderson

Famous Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson’s views on the treatment of animals were formed during her teenage years. As a child, when she saw her father bring a killed deer from the hunt, she made a grand tantrum, and from that time on, Pamela’s father stopped killing animals. Pamela became a PETA activist back in the early 90s. Since then, newspapermen have been closely following the activities of the “rescuer Malibu”, widely covering the actions of Pamela on the pages of the tabloids.

In Australia, the television star has demanded an end to the export of animals to Muslim countries, threatening to support an impending campaign to boycott Australian wool. Indian clothing designers have been criticized by Pamela for the extensive use of natural leather, resulting in millions of cows, buffaloes and other animals being slaughtered every year. In Canada, she took part in an action to protect baby fur seals. Pamela not only sets a personal example, ignoring the outfits of manufacturers from genuine leather, but also creates fashion herself. Together with designer Richie Rich, the famous blonde has developed a line of leather-free clothing and footwear.

Her voice saved the lives of many animals and helped improve their lives: “Animals, like people, are made of meat, bones, and blood; they have the same organs and senses that we have. They experience emotions, joy, and pain, create families, and build relationships if only given a chance, ”says Pamela Anderson.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling took three cats and a dog from the shelter and has made appeals in defense of farm animals on several occasions. For a long time, no one wanted to take the animals, and the leadership of the shelter decided to put the poor fellows to sleep. Ryan made it at the last moment. He left the cats to his parents in Toronto, and took the dog with him, going to conquer Hollywood. The actor adores his pet, trusts him to no one, and does not part with him even while working. The dog is no longer young, so in difficult situations, the actor even carries it in his arms. Such a loyal friendship can only be envied. The actor likes to repeat that he takes George for all interviews because the dog is much smarter and more interesting than himself.

Ryan’s darling, Eva Mendes, joined PETA by accident. Once the actress came to one of the New York premieres in a beautiful fur coat and after the event received a letter from activists asking them to think about what example Eva is setting for fans. “This message has awakened my consciousness. Previously, I was not very scrupulous in choosing a wardrobe, but now I do not want to harm animals, ”the star admitted in an interview. Now she works closely with PETA – willingly strips naked for advertising campaigns for the organization, encourages “to go naked rather than in furs”, follows a vegetarian diet and asks others to think before buying clothes for the creation of which animals suffered.

We remembered the “best friends of man”, whom the owners arranged a truly fabulous life.

The appearance in the life of Kristen Stewart of a four-footed friend caused no less resonance in the press than the appearance of a new boyfriend. Photos from the walk of the actress with her pet spread throughout the media around the world. It seems that Kristen took an example from her colleagues in the shop and decided to heal wounds after failures in her personal life with the help of man’s most faithful friend – a dog.

Finn – Amanda Seyfried’s dog

Perhaps this is the most spoiled by the love of the mistress of the dog in Hollywood. Amanda Seyfried is so obsessed with her pet that her Instagram is more like a chronicle of the life of her beloved pet. Finn is an Australian Shepherd and the main “person” in the life of an actress. “I’m obsessed with my dog,” the actress said in an interview back in 2010. “He became my son and my source of light.” Finn is always there for Amanda, wherever she is. The actress has not had any novels for a long time: a year has passed since the completion of the latter (the actress met with actor Josh Hartnett for just a few months and offered to part with her friends). In general, Finn does not have to share a place in the heart of his mistress with anyone else.

Penny – Blake Lively’s dog

“Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively is a truly glamorous young lady. The actress also has an obligatory “four-legged” attribute – a small dog. This is a charming red-haired baby Maltipu breed – a cross between a Maltese lapdog and a poodle. She appeared in the life of an actress in November 2009. When Blake just started to go out with a puppy, many thought that the girl was holding a plush toy – her Penny is so adorable. Anything is allowed to the pet. She got away with the fact that she relieved a small need right on the mistress’s dress. The actress’s assistant tried to cover the stain with a shopping bag, but the paparazzi still captured the moment of shame. Blake claims that her dog gets maximum attention: the actress takes her with her to a feast, to the world, and to good people. “Most of all I love my Penny, Chanel bags, and food!” – Lively admits with a laugh. By the way, the actress buys clothes for her dog only in the best boutiques selling clothes for animals. With the advent of Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds, Penny’s life also changed. The dog has a friend – the dog Baxter, the beloved pet of the owner’s husband.

Baxter – Ryan Reynolds’ dog

The puppy – the fruit of the love of an ordinary mongrel and a Labrador – Ryan got in 2010, right after breaking up with Scarlett Johansson. Reynolds’ new wife, Blake Lively, quickly found a common language with Baxter. While her husband is on business trips and on the set, Blake is happy to deal with his dog. She took Baxter with her and on the set of “Gossip Girl” with Penny. Blake did not trust the dogs to assistants and walked herself in between takes. Now the couple live in the New York suburb of Bedford in a joint house, which they purchased for $ 2 million, along with their pets.

Saydee – Orlando Bloom’s dog

This actor has a love for dogs from childhood. When he and his sister were young, their parents kept dogs. Having started an independent life, Orlando does not change the family tradition. In 2004, Bloom brought from Morocco, where he starred in the movie Kingdom of Heaven, a living souvenir. “In the arms of some old man in the market, I saw a tiny black puppy about three weeks old and thought, ‘Thank God, he has a home.’ But two weeks later, when I was in the same place, I saw this puppy again: he was sitting in a dirty cardboard box and, whining, trying to eat camel shit. I realized that this dog has no home and needs to be rescued, ”the actor recalls. He was not embarrassed by the red tape with documents for the export of the dog, nor the need to give her a bunch of vaccinations before entering America. The pet was named Saydi. The dog went with him to the shooting, went to the cafe for the company and even visited with the owner at the concert of the Coldplay group. The actor himself prepared food for his favorite, not trusting professional food, and did not mind when she went to bed next to him. The latter shocked supermodel Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom’s wife, to the core. At the dawn of their relationship, this even almost caused the collapse of the newly emerging romance. Miranda herself, like any glamorous girl, has Frankie’s Yorkshire Terrier. But in the end, Orlando and Miranda, also an inveterate dog lover, nevertheless came to a compromise: Saidy, along with Frankie, moved from the master’s bed to the sofa. The couple, along with their two-year-old son Flynn, love to spend a rare joint weekend with the whole family, to which they include their pets.

Atticus and Boo Radley – Jake Gyllenhaal’s dogs

This actor has two favorite pets at once and, to his credit, there is more than enough love for everyone. Jake Gyllenhaal is a serious guy, always chooses difficult roles and reads smart books. The actor named his pets after the main characters of his favorite literary work – “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Atticus is a German Shepherd, and Boo Radley is a Puggle, Mestizo Pug and Beagle. Jake found Atticus in the animal rescue service in 2002 with his then girlfriend Kirsten Dunst: the actress literally fell in love with a puppy. For a short two years, the dog was their common property. However, after a relatively friendly breakup in 2004, Atticus stayed with Jake. “I love animals,” says the actor. “I learn from them loyalty and the ability to enjoy life in any circumstance. My parents have three cats, my sister (actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. – Approx. “TN”) – two. ” By the way, it was Jake’s sister who came to the rescue when a tiny puppy Boo appeared in his house in 2005. By the way, Jake’s mother, writer Naomi Foner, enjoys spending time with her son’s pets: she walks and stays with them when Jake leaves for the shooting. According to the owner, the dogs get along well. Old man Atticus, who will turn 11 this year, regularly accompanies the owner on daily runs, and baby Boo Radley replaces Jake’s child – he is constantly in the owner’s arms. Pets even go out with Jake. Once the actor took part in the auction of the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. He was one of 40 celebrities who signed wooden souvenir dog bones for sale at a charity auction. In addition, Gyllenhaal put up for auction and paw prints of his pets, who with an important look accompanied the owner at the ceremony. “I feel great joy and smile when I see my dogs. They make my life as complete as possible, for which I am very grateful to them, ”admits Jake.

Charlotte – Bradley Cooper’s dog

“When a woman appears in my house, I honestly say: you have to love my dog, she comes in the same set with me,” the actor says. Bradley Cooper has two four-legged friends at once – a huge German short-haired pointer dog named Samson and a mestizo chow-chow and a golden retriever named Charlotte. The actor found both of his pets in animal shelters. The first was Samson – Bradley literally saved him from death by taking a dog from an animal shelter when it was less than a week before euthanasia (as you know, in the United States, dogs are kept in shelters for a limited time, and if you cannot find owners or donate them to charities, animals are euthanized). The actor found the beautiful Charlotte at an orphanage in Santa Monica a little later. “I fell in love with her at first sight,” admitted Cooper. In 2010, grief happened: Samson, who had lived in love and care for 13 years, died. Now his huge portrait adorns Bradley Cooper’s living room. And the actor who was left without a dog company, the actor takes everywhere with him, so she is already used to travel and the nomadic life of a star.

Paco – Olivia Wilde’s dog

Paco’s blond “courtyard” was inherited by the actress after her divorce from the Italian aristocrat Tao Raspoli. In 2011, their union broke up after almost 8 years of marriage. In addition to real estate and money, the young people also shared the dogs: the bulldog Lola remained with Tao, and Olivia took with her the blond “yard terrier” Paco. For some time after the divorce, Olivia’s heart was not occupied by anyone, and Paco brightened up her loneliness. “It’s so sad that my dog ​​is, in fact, the only man in my life. It’s actually funny. Even funny. I don’t meet with anyone. He is the only one I need, ”the actress complained in her microblog at the time. Although now she is already engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis, Olivia does not forget to give affection to her tailed pet. Paparazzi now and then take pictures of how the actress without hesitation hugs and kisses her dog on walks. By the way, the pet of the star of “Doctor House” also got its five minutes of fame. In 2006, he starred in an advertisement for the American clothing chain Old Navy. Olivia then jokingly said that the charming dog achieved everything on her own – without the help of the star “mommy”.

George – Ryan Gosling’s dog

The actor loves his four-legged friend, despite the fact that he is just a mongrel. 12 years ago, the actor rescued a dog and two cats from a Canadian shelter. For a long time, no one wanted to take the animals, and the leadership of the shelter decided to put the poor fellows to sleep. Ryan made it at the last moment. He left the cats to his parents in Toronto, and took the dog with him, going to conquer Hollywood. The actor still adores his pet, trusts him to no one and does not part with him even for the duration of his work. Gosling does not hide the fact that for a long time the dog was the only creature close to him in New York. “But the relationship with my dog ​​is the longest in my life,” the actor said in an interview. Now Gosling is dating actress Eva Mendes. She became the first person whom Ryan trusts his beloved pet during his absence. Eva herself also has a dog – a large German shepherd, so it was not difficult for her to find a common language with Gosling’s favorite.

Einstein – George Clooney’s dog

The actor loves his four-legged friend so much that he takes him to dog spas. Clooney took the dog from a shelter in Los Angeles and has not parted with him since. Einstein is a black cocker spaniel. He has everything: expensive food, the care of the housekeeper, the supervision of the veterinarian. But the most important thing is the beloved owner. Lovelace George Clooney changes women like gloves but is unwaveringly loyal to his dog. The actor takes the pet with him on vacation, even if he goes there with a new passion.

Fozzie – Lady Gaga’s dog

The pet of the queen of shocking is a Labradoodle, that is, a cross between a Labrador and a poodle. Fozzie’s Labradoodle is luckier in impressions than any other dog. He often accompanies the hostess on tour, goes with her to various events, and then appears on the pages of glamorous magazines, gets into the lenses of the best fashion photographers of our time. In Italy, for example, the dog met Donatella Versace herself, and in Helsinki, he was photographed with the owner of two Finnish soldiers. In addition, the eccentric mistress introduces her beloved pet to the painting.

Douglas and Oliver – Drew Barrymore’s dogs

Douglas and Oliver became a part of the actress’s life long before the appearance of their daughter Olive. When the actress and her husband Will Kopelman were waiting for the birth of the baby, they were very worried about how a newborn child and two dogs would get along in the same house. But the parents-to-be were worried in vain. The dogs were well received by the arrival of a new family member, and Douglas even became the bodyguard of little Olive. “Douglas can sit for hours and look out the window – to protect the peace of the baby, – said the happy mom. “I take care of Olive and protect her, but I believe that children who grow up in a house with dogs have the best immunity. They are less irritated and are not allergic to pollen. Plus, dogs are simply improving your quality of life. ”

Celebrities are no stranger to anything, so in their free time from creative activity, they not only attend parties and build romantic relationships, but also communicate … with pets!

The stars go out for a walk with their favorite dogs and enjoy their company!

We present to you a selection of celebrities who were photographed on a walk with adorable four-legged friends.

Looking at them, we can safely say that walking a dog is a whole art!

Mariah Carey

However, the star does not forget about herself: just look at what dress she chose for a walk with her pet! A glamorous diva, even in the company of a dog, looks like she just left the stage.

Julia Roberts

Hollywood’s most famous “beauty” keeps fit while walking her cute pet. Not forgetting to demonstrate her slender legs, Julia clearly enjoys the rest and the company of her four-legged friend.

It is worth noting that as a child, the actress dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but choosing Hollywood, she still did not lose her love for animals.

Roberts has at least five dogs, and once she took in a stray mongrel. Well, the dog is lucky – the actress takes care of her like a four-legged child.

Kate Moss

Do you recognize this model that was wildly popular in the late 90s? Yes, this is Kate Moss with ex-husband Jamie Hins and favorite Staffordshire Bull Terrier Archie.

Despite the fact that the dog originally belonged to Jamie, Kate considers it a favorite member of the family and therefore took it for herself. They say that the former spouses argued for a long time who would get the dog, but as a result, the model won, and now Archie lives with her.

Jennifer Lawrence

This girl with the dog does not immediately recognize the Oscar winner, Jennifer Lawrence. Without the glamor, she looks like an ordinary American going out for a walk with her funny Basset Hound.

The star has another dog – a little chihuahua named Pippa. Once the journalist tried to pet the pet, but Jennifer rudely reined in him and grabbed Pippa in her arms.

Well, we wouldn’t let anyone bother our dog either!

Dakota Johnson

The main star of “Fifty Shades of Gray” Dakota Johnson poses for the photographer. Her heroine easily won the heart of the billionaire womanizer Christian Gray, which cannot be said about the actress’s dog.

In the picture, a dog named Zeppelin clearly demonstrates stubbornness, not wanting to follow the owner, although, most likely, he is just shy and does not want to pose for the camera.

Priyanka Chopra

Former “Miss World” and now an actress and singer Priyanka Chopra goes out into the street in full dress, even if circumstances do not require it: a bright dress, exquisite high-heeled shoes, and a charming dog next to her.

A tiny Chihuahua named Diana is a wonderful companion with a lot of loyalty.

By the way, the dog is very popular on Instagram and has at least 65 thousand followers.

Pippa Middleton

The famous relative of the British Duchess, while walking the dogs, Pippa skillfully combines a sense of proportion and sophistication. Two adorable pets express loyalty and love to their mistress, and she responds in kind.

By the way, an incident somehow happened to Pippa: in the store where she came, she was asked to take the dogs out into the street. The offended Middleton not only took the dogs away but proudly left herself!

Katy Perry

The cheerful singer chose a sporty style for a walk with a dog and looks very organic in it. Along with her cute poodle, she has apparently already run over and now she is briskly walking at a sporting step.

Please note that the singer carries the doggie in her hands – most likely, the doggie does not like to wash its paws, and Katie does not want her to leave her on her favorite carpets after a walk!

Paris Hilton

And here is one of the main dog lovers – socialite Paris shopping with her pet. They say she has several dogs, for which the heiress of the hotel chain even developed her own clothing line.

We cannot evaluate the doggie’s style, since the dog is hiding in the hands of the Hilton, but the socialite herself is quiet. In our opinion, the celebrity decided to dilute the business style with a touch of sex appeal.

Ariana Grande

The charming singer is also very fond of animals and even took a mongrel named Toulouse from the shelter. Together with the cutest pet, they were seen walking, and while Ariana was looking for something in her purse, Toulouse diligently posed for the paparazzi.

The result is wonderful!

Kylie Jenner

Young billionaire Kylie decided not to stop at one dog and surrounded herself with a whole retinue of cute Italian greyhounds. Just look how cute and organic they all look together!

Pets are happy to give their love to the owner, and she clearly looks happy. We know that Kylie often poses with a serious face in selfies, but the dogs managed to make her smile!

Lady Gaga

The shocking singer will surely find something to surprise the audience with, even if it’s just a walk with the dog. Lady Gaga is also capable of making a show out of her.

Just look: the star and her pet are so close friends that they decided to look like twins. Bright outfits, black “hair” … And what seems to be true?

Reese Witherspoon

The famous “legally blonde” Reese Witherspoon adores dogs, especially this French bulldog. Miniature and very charming, he reminds us a little of the hostess.

It should be noted that Reese chose a stylish casual outfit that is very suitable for a walk, and the actress feels very comfortable in it.

Miley Cyrus

Known for her unbridled disposition, Miley Cyrus is very fond of animals. Several dogs, cats and even a mini pig live in her house!

With one of the pets, the four-legged Mary-Jane, Miley was taking a walk when she was caught by the paparazzi. Well, the star didn’t seem to mind, and neither did the dog! Just look at this gait!

Eva Longoria

The main “desperate housewife” Eva Longoria is also not averse to spending time with her dog – a French bulldog. Together they not only often walk, but also fool around: Eva loves to take selfies with her pet and even kisses him on the nose!

We’re sure the bulldog doesn’t mind!

Many Hollywood stars love animals and take a pet at the shelter. We think this is a great example to follow.

Once we have already told you about the stars who love cats. The stars, despite their busy schedules, keep more than one or even two pets at home. And children are not a hindrance to them and a career. We suggest taking an example from celebrities.

Brigitte Bardot has been exclusively engaged in the protection of animal rights around the world for several decades. And Alain Delon maintains five kennels for stray dogs and cats. Of course, we can say that they are not poor people and can afford such activities, but history knows other examples where money does not play the main role.

Kevin Spacey is the owner of two dogs, Mini and Boston, both were taken by the actor at different times from animal shelters.

Jennifer Aniston had two dogs, Norman and Dolly. She took Dolly from a Mexican orphanage. Norman, unfortunately, died a few years ago at the age of 15. The actress was so worried about the loss that she decided to get a tattoo in memory of her best friend.

Ryan Gosling rescued a dog and two cats from a Canadian shelter 12 years ago, which they were going to euthanize. He loves his dog, does not trust him to anyone and does not part with him even while working.

Selena Gomez is the owner of six dogs from the street and shelters.

Robert Pattinson has two dogs – Bear and Bernie, both of whom the actor took from the shelter at different times, a few days before their euthanasia. After breaking up with Kristen Stewart, the couple could not share custody of the animals.

Orlando Bloom brought his beloved dog Saydi from Morroco, where he found her as a small puppy on the street.
Jake Gyllenhaal has two favorites – Atticus and Boo Radley. The actor found Atticus in the animal rescue service.

Bradley Cooper also has two four-legged friends, Samson and Charlotte. The actor found both of his pets in animal shelters.

Olivia Wilde has her favorite “yard terrier” Paco.

Drew Barrymore is the proud owner of Douglas and Oliver’s dogs.

Kellan Lutz, the star of the movie “Twilight,” is also the proud owner of a shelter dog named Cola. And Jean-Claude Van Damme has nine dogs.

A big cat lover is a Spanish actress Penélope Cruz. Two cats live in the house of the star and three more live with the mother of the actress in Spain, by no means purebred, but the most ordinary, street cats.

Many other stars also took animals from the shelter. The list is endless, and he says that among famous and rich people there are many merciful people with big hearts. And this is a great role model for everyone else!

Many writers and artists kept cats and dogs, and sometimes their pets served as inspiration for stories or new paintings.

Poetess Emily Dickinson had a large dog, Carlo, whom she took with her on long walks and whom she mentioned in several of her poems and letters.

Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges had a white cat Beppo as a companion for 15 years, to whom he dedicated at least two of his works.

The artist Edvard Munch, the author of the famous “Scream”, kept a dog with which he became so inseparable that he even took it with him to the cinema.

But other artists and writers had more unusual pets. In this list, you will learn about the most outlandish of them.

Granizo, Frida Kahlo’s reindeer

Frida Kahlo loved all animals and kept several unusual pets. In her famous “Blue House” in Mexico, where she lived and worked, she had several monkeys, cockatoos, and other parrots, as well as a bald dog of the rare Xoloitzcuintle breed, whose representatives are considered the first to be tamed by the Aztecs.

Of the 143 paintings by Frida Kahlo, 55 are self-portraits showing at least one of her pets. But one of her favorite pets was the deer Granizo, who posed with her in many photographs, who slept with her and served as inspiration and model for one of her most famous paintings, entitled “The Wounded Deer” (1946), in which she depicts himself in the form of a deer with a human face.

Six-toed cat Snowball (or Snow White) by Ernest Hemingway

Few would think of Ernest Hemingway as a cat lover, but he loved cats and had several of them throughout his life. When he lived in Key West, Florida, the USA, the captain of one ship gave him a cat, which he called Snowball (or, according to other sources, Snow White).

Unusually, the cat had six toes on each paw due to a congenital anomaly called polydactyly. Today, almost half of the several descendants of Hemingway cats have the same anomaly. They live in his former home, which has been converted into the Ernest Hemingway House Museum.

Top, wombat of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti (perhaps the most famous member of the 19th century Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood) loved unusual animals. He was especially fascinated by wombats, rare Australian marsupials. He took one of them for himself, named Top, and allowed him to sleep on the table during the meal, to the horror and displeasure of his guests.

When the animal died, Rossetti burst into tears and dedicated a poetic epitaph to him. The English poet also immortalized his beloved pet in at least two of his paintings. Over the years, Rossetti’s growing interest in exotic animals led to the fact that one day a llama and a toucan appeared in his house, which he brought from South America. Legend has it that he taught the toucan to ride a llama with a shepherd’s hat on his head and gallop around the living room table.

Grip, Charles Dickens’ Raven

The English writer Charles Dickens had a favorite house raven named Grip, which even inspired him to create a character in the novel “Barneby Raj”.

Dickens, who was fond of taxidermy, kept the crow for himself after his death, keeping a stuffed bird on his desk as a source of inspiration. After the death of the English writer, Grip’s stuffed animal was put up for auction and eventually acquired by an American collector. Today, the Grip effigy can be seen at the Museum in Philadelphia.

Lord Byron’s domesticated bear

The most famous pet of the English romantic poet George Gordon Byron was perhaps his dog, Boatswain, who accompanied him on several adventures and to which he wrote a poetic epitaph. However, Byron had many other pets throughout his life, including the domesticated bear.

As the story goes, Trinity College Cambridge, where he studied from 1805 to 1808, was not allowed to keep dogs on campus. Angered by this rule, Byron reportedly bought a tamed bear at the fair and brought it with him to live on campus. Since the charter did not say anything about bears, the college management had no legal right to drive out the bear or its owner. Byron walked his bear on a chain and treated him like it was his dog, and when he left Cambridge, he took the bear with him to London.

Flannery O’Connor’s Backward Walking Chicken

Before becoming a famous author of “A Good Man Isn’t Easy to Find” and other brilliant stories, Flannery O’Connor rose to fame at the age of 5 for having a chicken that could walk backward. The animal and the young future American writer even made it into the French film studio Pathé in 1932, a film that can still be seen today.

The fascination with poultry continued throughout her life. In addition to the chicken, which she wore in outfits that she made herself, Flannery had several favorite peacocks (her favorite animals), as well as, reportedly, a toucan and an emu.

Charles Baudelaire’s Bat

Charles Baudelaire, famous French poet, essayist, and author of The Flowers of Evil, lived at the Hotel Du Grand Miroir in Brussels from 1864 to 1866. One day, while he was walking in the courtyard of the hotel, a bat fell at his foot. Worried that she might be sick, he picked up the animal with a handkerchief and took care of it, feeding it bread and milk.

The bat slept upside down in an empty canary cage, and Baudelaire enjoyed stroking it, much to the dismay of his young maid, Nellie. When the animal was fully recovered, Baudelaire promised to release him back into the crevices of St. Anne’s chapel, located across the road, where, as it seemed to him, a bat had lived before.

Diogenes (formerly Yugurt), vulture of Alexandre Dumas (father)

Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, was another writer who liked unusual animals. On his estate, in addition to five dogs and a cat, he also had three monkeys, two parrots, a golden pheasant, and a vulture. He bought a vulture in the city of Constantine in Algeria from a local resident for a cheap price, but transporting the bird to France was much more expensive.

The French writer named the bird Jugurtha, after the ancient king of Numidia, who was born in the same city (at that time called Cirte). However, after being in the writer’s house, the vulture chose an empty barrel as his favorite place of residence, the bird was renamed Diogenes in honor of the Greek philosopher, who, as they say, also lived in the barrel.

Scorpio of Henrik Ibsen

In 1865, the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen was still unknown and lived in Rome, surviving on a meager scholarship. There he began writing Brand, the first play that made him famous. While writing the play, he found a scorpion crawling on the floor and decided to keep it on his desk inside an empty beer glass while he wrote.

As he later wrote in a letter to his friend: “When I was writing Brand, I had a glass with a scorpion inside on my table. who emptied his poison, after which he felt good again. ” Of course, it is entirely possible that the animal was simply furious with its fruit-based diet since scorpions are predators that usually prefer to eat insects.

Goldfleck, Lion of Princess Elizabeth Wilma Lewoff-Parlaga

Almost forgotten today, Princess Elisabeth Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy was a very famous artist in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Perhaps her most famous painting was the 1916 portrait of Nikola Tesla, the only portrait for which the great inventor posed in his entire life.

Born in Hungary, Wilma lived in several cities, including Paris and Prague, where she married a Russian prince and soon divorced him, receiving the title of princess, after which she moved to New York in 1909, settling in the Plaza Hotel.

She loved animals and once became attached to a lion cub whom she saw in the circus. When the circus owner refused to sell her a lion cub, she asked her friend and Civil War hero, American politician Daniel Edgar Sickles, to help her. The owner of the circus could not refuse the war hero and gave the cub, which Sixl, in turn, gave to the princess.

Wilma named the lion cub Goldfleck and lived with him and several other animals in her hotel room. From time to time she took him out on a leash for a walk in Central Park. Unfortunately, the animal did not live long, falling ill two years later and dying in 1912. Goldfleck is the only lion buried in the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery.

Taking a homeless pet for yourself is an act of a real person! Abandoned cats and dogs, forced to survive on the street or grieve in kennels, deserve to find owners because that’s why they are pets – it’s hard for them without people.

Society in our time is becoming better and better aware of this problem, and people are increasingly striving to save someone’s furry life, and not buy expensive thoroughbred lords, who will be fine in life anyway (let’s hope).

It is also gratifying that many celebrities also take cats and dogs from the street or from shelters to their homes, actively shine them on their social networks, and thereby set an excellent example for their fans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dutch

Chris Evans and Dodger

Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

Charlize Theron and Johnny Utah

Eva Mendes and Lucho

Hilary Swank, Lucky, Karoo, Rumi, and Kai

Justin Theroux and Kuma

Taylor Swift and Benjamin

Jennifer Aniston and Clyde

Moby and Bagel

Ed Sheeran and Calippo

Selena Gomez and Vinnie

Amanda Seyfred and Lindos

Many famous people have pets that they take great care of. And it doesn’t matter if you are a politician or a showman – you can easily have a pair of favorite cats or three adorable dogs. After all, nothing human is alien even to the stars.

Asher was presented with a puppy – a mixture of a golden retriever and a poodle. He named him “Mac”.

Chimpanzee of the Kardashian family

Mike Tyson is noted for his fondness for exotic animals. Mike once owned three royal Bengal tigers, two tigresses “Kenya” and “Tempest” and a male “Boris”. The boxer spent up to $ 4000 every day on their maintenance. However, he was unable to obtain a license to keep rare animals and the tigers had to be transferred to a shelter in Colorado.

Mike also has pigeons. the boxer loves to be in peace and quiet with his pigeons. It can be understood because pigeons are a symbol of freedom.

Britney Spears’ puppy has been featured on social media by a multi-million audience. It is known that the dog has its own page with many fans.

Michael Jackson’s Chimpanzee They’ve been together since 1980, but in 2002 the animal became aggressive and was sent to the “Primate Center” in Florida Michael Jackson did a lot for his pet, for example, a special toilet, and also taught him to eat with a fork and spoon.

Earlier, Miley Cyrus received a gift from PETA – a pig “Nora”. Now the star has acquired a puppy named “Rosie”.

Most Popular Kid appeared at the MTV Video Music Awards with his “Johnson” snake. The snake is known to have been auctioned for charity.

Rabbits of Shakira

Miranda Kerr has a cute Yorkie named Franky

Liv Tyler has a spaniel. His name is Neil

The mongrel also lives with Drew Barrymore. And she gets along well with the actress’s Labrador. Rather, it is not really a Labrador – it is a mixture of a Labrador with a chow-chow.

Another animal lover is Selma Blair. She took this dog to the dog shelter.

Jessica Alba’s pugs

Celebrity philanthropy is not surprising. And yet there are actions that really touch because they are not done for the sake of strengthening positions in the press, not for the sake of a tick or an approving nod from others.

Ryan Reynolds

While Ryan was looking for a dog for his friend, he saw a homeless retriever on the street and told him, “Hey, it’s time to get out of here.” The dog jumped up, followed the actor, and got into the car. They have been best friends ever since.

Zooey Deschanel

Zoe fell in love with a dog at the shelter, and when she found out that she had a sister, she took both of them without hesitation.

Ian Somerhalder

The actor has a very active position: he created his own fund for helping homeless animals, constantly participates in various actions, and helps to attach furry and birds. Ian himself and his wife have several pets, mostly cats.

Danny Trejo

It may be hard to believe, but the brutal actor already has 5 dogs taken from the shelter.

Jesse Eisenberg

The actor not only sheltered the cat but also recorded social videos in which he urges to take cats from shelters.

Orlando Bloom

During the filming of the Kingdom of Heaven in Morocco, he sheltered the dog and gave him the name Sidi, which means “lord.” “I saw a tiny black puppy in the arms of an old man in the market. Two weeks later, in the same place, I saw this puppy again: he was sitting in a dirty cardboard box. I realized that the dog needs to be rescued, ”the actor shared.

Joseph Newgarden

This is how an American racer describes a meeting with his cat at a shelter: “When I saw Simba, I immediately felt a connection and immediately realized that he was a friend for life.”

Charlize Theron

Charlize is very active in the field of animal welfare. She has already adopted four dogs and it looks like she’s not going to stop.


“I love animals, I am ready to do everything in my power to make their life better,” – said the musician, animal rights activist, and owner of a cute dog from the shelter.

Lisa Edelstein

The star of the series “House Doctor” actively supports various foundations and organizations that help animals. She herself gave shelter to the adorable dog Shazam.

Jake Gyllenhaal

He sheltered two dogs and named them after the heroes of the writer Harper Lee. In one of his interviews, Jake said that for a long time he did not think about getting a pet, and then he just realized that he wanted a dog.

Tom Hardy

One of Tom’s teachers recalled: “I remember how he came to class with a leash and Max in one hand and a bottle of Coca-Cola in the other.” The actor was very close to his pet. After losing his beloved and best friend, Tom Hardy took in a stray dog while filming “The Drunkest District in the World.”

Hilary Swank

Hilary often travels with her furry friends, adores and pampers them, and also actively encourages everyone who is thinking about a pet to take it from the shelter.

Tom Hardy once mimicked the traditional red carpet by showing up at the premiere of The Legend with his dog Woody. But you won’t surprise anyone with a dog today, so we decided to recall the strangest and most exotic pets of the stars.

Reese Witherspoon Zoo

Back in 2010, actress Rizu Witherspoon, inspired by her friends’ small private zoo, bought herself two pretty donkeys, whom she named Honky and Tonki. “They are so obedient and cute,” Witherspoon admitted in an interview in December 2010. And everything would be fine if not for the neighbors. They, unlike the star blonde, were not at all happy about the donkeys and periodically complained about the constant noise. However, noise is quite a natural thing, considering that Reese has a whole menagerie in addition to donkeys at home: two pigs, three goats, twenty chickens, three dogs, and his own pony.

Dominic Monaghan’s Hand Mantis

Exotic insects are almost a trend. For example, tarantulas are commonly purchased for home aquariums. But what about praying mantises? The Lost star has hosted Dominic Monaghan and the Wild Creatures on Animal planet since 2012, so it’s no surprise that he got along with a house mantis named Gizmo, the tarantula Wichitar, and the white snake Blink.

Cobras and the octopus & Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage does not spare money for entertainment. In the recent past, the actor almost went bankrupt, carried away by collecting expensive cars and real estate, which, however, did not stop the star. After failing with inanimate objects, Cage switched to exotic animals. The first to appear in his house were two king cobras, and then an octopus.

All acquisitions cost the actor no less than 276 thousand dollars. Later, Cage told reporters that the octopus appeared in his house for a good purpose, the animal was supposed to mysteriously help the star to cope with some role. Alas, pretty soon Nicholas was forced to say goodbye to his ocean companion – his maintenance cost Cage more than all the cars put together.

Turtle & Leonardo DiCaprio

It would seem that the turtle is a completely ordinary animal. Of course, if it fits in a small home aquarium or box. The Hollywood actor decided not to be so commonplace. Visiting the American professional reptile breeding exhibition apparently pleased him very much, so DiCaprio immediately bought a turtle for $ 400, which weighs 17 kilograms!

And this is far from the limit, now this turtle is only 15 years old, and over the next 70 years of her life, the actor’s favorite can gain about a center of weight! It will not be easy with her Leo, who, let’s face it, also does not get younger over the years.

Rupert Grint & Mini Pig

The red-haired Briton Rupert Grint, known throughout the world from the Harry Potter films, seems to have completely succumbed to the charm of miniature piglets. Thanks to many years of scientists’ work on this breed, pigs do not grow larger than small dogs. Probably, and they cost about $ 1000 because of the labor invested in them?

However, many stars today buy minipigs for themselves, not caring about the price, and then go out with them for walks and even attend social events (which, by the way, is what Rupert himself does).

Pig & George Clooney

Six years ago, a settled heartthrob before his wife had another great love. And, unlike his colleague Rupert Grint, his pig was not that tiny. 135 kilograms of pork named Max accompanied Clooney on the set, interviews, and even at night while sleeping (the actor allowed the pet to sleep in his bed). Clooney has a special love for pigs. He prefers them to all other pets. Once upon a time, when Clooney was just beginning to conquer numerous girls’ hearts, in order to impress his chosen one, he gave her a piglet. The girl did not appreciate such a manifestation of sympathy and ran away from the unlucky boyfriend, but could, by the way, become the wife of the future star. Probably, since then, Clooney has become more suspicious of the representatives of the opposite sex and seemed to have changed his mind at all to marry. Once the actor even argued with his girlfriends Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer that he would not marry until at least forty years of age. Both actresses lost miserably, and George, instead of his wife, got himself a real hog – a mini-pig, who lived with the star for several years in full contentment and died at the age of 18.

Kinkajou & Paris Hilton

Everyone remembers the blonde in pink with the poor chihuahua under his arm. Apparently, small dogs are no longer the last squeak, so the heiress of a large fortune acquired a miniature bear. The kinkajou is a rare chain-tailed miniature bear from South America. The animal is somewhat reminiscent of a lemur. However, according to the press, Hilton had to abandon the pet when he bit her in the hand.

Exotic animals in Hollywood

Mini version. Mini-pigs, mini-rabbits and whoever else has been invented! The beauty of these breeds is that they always look like cubs. And cubs are synonymous with endless affection. That is why they are so popular. By the way, the smaller the individual, the more expensive it costs.

Raccoons. Raccoons are becoming very popular. But it will not be so easy for an unprepared person to cope with a raccoon. Firstly, you cannot keep a semi-wild animal in an apartment. There is not enough space for him. Secondly, the raccoon does not get along well with other animals. Thirdly, it is a nocturnal animal, which is more accustomed to being awake at night.

Lemurs. It is believed that this animal is the calmest of all exotic, not conflicting, not irritable, and does not play pranks at all. They are not picky about food and can live in an ordinary cage. Moreover, they easily become attached to the owner, even get bored in his absence. The perfect exotic animal, in a word! There is, however, one significant drawback: they are very active in marking their territory.

Four-legged, tailed, waterfowl, striped, and carnivorous animals, acting in films, delight viewers no less than movie stars. We decided to recall the acting work of animals in the most popular films of recent years.

Jack Russell Terrier Uggs, the film “The Artist”

The dog with the “shoe” nickname Uggs became a world celebrity after filming the Oscar-winning film “The Artist”. But the path to world fame was not easy! As a child, Uggie was sneaky and noisy. Desperate to raise a puppy, the first owners were going to take the Uggs to the shelter. But the little one was lucky. Uggs caught the eye of a professional dog breeder, who made a star out of a dog. The role in “The Artist” is far from his first film work. In addition, the dog, as part of a famous dog troupe, has traveled all over America with his signature number – exercise on a skateboard. Now the hard life of a touring artist in the past, Uggs is a popular socialite attending movie premieres and parties. But no less glory, the four-legged star loves jewelry. His home collection already has a couple of collars from the Chopard Jewelry House. Here is such a four-legged Cinderella.

13 Horses as Joey in War Horse

Steven Spielberg’s film, based on the English play War Horse, is told by Joey the peasant horse, who talks about his relationship with the country boy Albert. A young man goes to the front for his horse during the First World War. 13 horses of the same breed were cast for the main role at once. And to make them look the same in the frame, special overlays and makeup were used. Working with the leading actor was not easy for the renowned director. And it’s not that the horses were capricious. In his youth, on the set of the film, Steven Spielberg fell from his horse and severely injured his back, the injury is still making itself felt. Therefore, the director’s attitude to noble animals is very ambiguous. Spielberg admits that he is more sympathetic to the rats, which starred in “War Horse” in huge numbers. “People shouldn’t be afraid of rats. They just bite and spread diseases, ”the director reassured the film crew.

Pebles the Cat as Mrs. Norris, Harry Potter Film Series

In the film story about the wizard Harry Potter, there were a lot of animals – this was the owl Buckle, and the Crookshanks – Hermione’s pet, the Scabbard rat, under the guise of which the animagus wizard Peter Pettigrew was hiding for 12 years, and Hagrid’s dog Fang, the size of his master. The filmmakers did not use computer technology and invited professional animal actors for these roles. The longest contract was signed with the cat Pebles, who played the role of Mrs. Norris – the cat of the caretaker of the Hogwarts school, Mr. Filch. Emphasizing the magical connection between Filch and his spy cat, the make-up artists glued fluff to the Pebles every shooting day, used a hair styling gel – they created the same dirty, wet and terrifying look as the owner. And the red eyes, which so frightened Harry and his friends, were painted on the cat by the animators.

Keiko the killer whale in the Free Willy trilogy

The film about how a twelve-year-old boy Jesse rescues Willy the killer whale from the captivity of the aquarium has truly become a cult classic. The picture was immediately dismantled for movie quotes, and the kiss of an animal and a boy received the main MTV award. The main role in the picture was played by the male killer whale Keiko, his understudy was only a mechanical model of a whale, made so skillfully that Keiko himself even tried to communicate with her. After the screening of the Willie trilogy in the United States, the Free Willie Keiko charity foundation was created, whose members demanded that the animal be released. But Keiko’s release turned into a tragedy – literally a year later he fell ill with pneumonia and died off the coast of Norway. In the city of Halas, on the bank of the fjord, at the grave of Keiko, fans of the film erected a monument to the legendary killer whale actor.

Bengal Tiger King, Life of Pi

It’s no secret that in Ang Lee’s Oscar-winning film, the tiger is almost always digital. Moreover, the leading actor Suraj Sharma has never worked with wild animals on the set. Tiger King, who became the prototype of the on-screen beast, was filmed separately from the rest of the artists. The special effects team has studied the plasticity, facial expressions, and habits of the noble animal in such detail that only King’s trainer can distinguish where his ward is on the screen, and where the digital double is. But despite the increased security measures, there were some incidents during the filming of the film. And it was King who suffered! A Bengal tiger nearly drowned while filming on the high seas. The miraculously escaped animal was sent to recuperate in the clinic. The work was completed by specialists in digital graphics.

22 dogs as prankster Marley in Marley and Me

22 Labradors took part in the filming of a comedy melodrama about a young family and their naughty dog. The plot of the film covers 10 years of difficult relationship between the heroes Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson with their prankster Labrador Marley. That is why the director needed both small puppies and adult dogs for the filming. The audience loved the film history of the “discounted” dog so much that the picture entered the top films at the box office in 2008.

Samantha’s Yorkshire Terrier in Sex and the City

The four-legged star of the first full-length film “Sex and the City” was the dog Gidget. As planned by the scriptwriter Michael Patrick King, Samantha was supposed to appear in the film as a mongrel with irrepressible sexual energy. And that would become a kind of metaphor for Samantha’s life. But it turned out that finding a dog that can do “it” on camera is not so easy. After a long search, we chose the trimmed Yorkshire Terrier Gidget. The dog behaved like a real diva. Due to her stellar whims, it was even necessary to change the filming schedule of her partner, Kim Cattrall. Gidget could only act in intimate scenes in the morning. Kim was sympathetic to the dog’s whims.

Monkey Crystal is the star of the movie “Bachelor Party: From Vegas to Bangkok”

Crystal is the highest paid and famous monkey in the world cinema. Success came to her after participating in the second part of “The Bachelor Party”. Crystal did the part so well that her character was even featured on the official poster. At the premiere of the film in Bangkok, the tailed actress appeared in a dress with a deep neckline and a pearl necklace. With her grimaces and leaps, Crystal eclipsed all the stars on the red carpet. And the career of a Capuchin actor began with participation in the film “George of the Jungle”. The monkey made a great showing, and job offers went one after another: “Night at the Museum”, “My Boyfriend from the Zoo”, “American Pie”, “Doctor Dolittle”, “We Bought a Zoo.” You can also see the monkey in one of the episodes of the popular TV series “House”, where Crystal sits on Hugh Laurie’s shoulder.