“A dog is a man’s best friend” – many celebrities would agree with this phrase. For famous people, a dog is a source of kindness and affection, she is always glad to the arrival of the owner and loves to spend time with him. The celebrities themselves have so attached to their pets that their lesser friends become real family members. We invite you to meet the Labradoodles star dogs, who have conquered the hearts of the stars themselves and their fans.

Courtney Peldon and Ashley Peldon

Dustin Brown

Hugh Panaro

The Labradoodle is a so-called “designer” dog breed, not officially registered, obtained by mixing the blood of a Labrador and a large Poodle. This breed of dogs inherited from each of its ancestors the most valuable qualities appreciated by the owners: from the ancestor of the Labrador, the dog received boundless kindness, love for humans, and from the Poodle, a special coat that does not cause allergies. And so it turned out a Labradoodle, which even allergy sufferers can start.

Many celebrities, despite the heavy workload, busy touring, and filming schedule, find time for these pets.
We present to your attention some of the biggest names in Hollywood celebrities who have Labradoodles and who simply adore them.

Garth Stein

Hugh Panaro

Jenny Delaney