At all times, the cat has been one of the most beloved pets. What is really there: not a single animal has been invented so many legends, proverbs, and sayings. It is not for nothing that this animal was considered sacred in many countries. To date, “cat fever” has not spared the most famous people of our time. Actors, writers, musicians, and artists are happy to give a mustachioed family member a place in their hearts.

Gustav Klimt with his pet Katze

“The Man Who Fell to Earth” by David Bowie with an equally cosmic creature – a cat

Little Elizabeth Taylor with her friends

Book horror master Stephen King and his “bad” cat

The creator of the musical style “grunge” Kurt Cobain with a kitten

Ernest Hemingway’s house was owned by cats.

American comedy actor Steve Martin with a kitten

The star of the cult trilogy “Back to the Future” Michael J. Fox with a cat

“Home” Sir Sean Connery

Famous photographer, master of black and white photography Herbert Tobios

Marilyn Monroe and the cat Matsu

British singer Rod Stewart with a cat

Famous Japanese writer and playwright Yukio Missima under the supervision of his cat

American soul singer Nina Simone

Henri Matisse with pet Cussi

Sophia Loren with a fluffy kitty

Author of the scandalous novel “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” with the only living being who was allowed to live in the writer’s house.

American movie star Marlon Brando at home.

Since ancient times, the cat has been and remains the most popular pet. They are turned on by all politicians, athletes, TV presenters, actors, musicians, writers, and many other representatives of famous professions. In this photo selection, I want to introduce you to 40 pictures of famous people in which they are depicted together with their cats.

Star of the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair” Steve McQueen with a cat

American ex-president Bill Clinton with a cat

Karl Lagerfeld and his famous cat Shupett

Aspiring film actress Drew Barrymore with a friend

The author of the novel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Truman Capote with his cat

Famous animal protector, French movie star Brigitte Bordeaux

It is no coincidence that William Burroughs called his autobiographical novel “The Cat Inside”

Vivien Leigh and the Siamese cat

Cats have always lived in the house of writer Mark Twain

American actress Bette Davis

Frida Kahlo’s cat was very jealous of the artist for the handmade monkey

Famous Hollywood Cat Lover – Anthony Hopkins

Joseph Brodsky with a Mississippi cat

Salvador Dali with his hand-held ocelot Babu

John Lennon and the cat

American writer, beatnik generation Jack Kerouac and his cat

Prominent American director Stanley Kubrick while filming

Catherine Deneuve and her cat

Lead singer of the group “Queen” Fredy Mercury with his beloved cat

Pablo Picasso and his cat