How To Start A Medical Blog And Earn Money

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So, you’re thinking about starting a blog dedicated to health and wellness. That’s fantastic news!

You’re the kind of high-caliber, socially responsible blogger that the internet needs more of. Perhaps you have a starting point for a health-related article, but you’re missing certain key pieces of information.

You could be looking for a medical writing internship or a junior position. Perhaps you already maintain a health blog but are considering making the leap into it.

Whatever your situation may be, you’ve found the proper hub for it.

In this post, we will share with you the best tools and resources found to help people get started as health bloggers. If you’re interested in creating a health blog or penning health blogs for clients and companies, this is the appropriate manual for you.

A Beginner’s Guide To Health Blog

Blog posts are articles that incorporate both opinion and health features. Health blogging and health writing are two very different things.

Blogs typically feature first-person narratives in which the author provides health advice to the reader. The bloggers who write health blogs often have more expertise than any other source.

The writer of a feature piece conducts interviews with relevant professionals and compiles relevant information from various sources. The primary objectives of patient education materials are to impart knowledge and information.

How To Begin Or What Skills Are Needed

Obviously, if you want to make it as a health blogger, you need to be able to produce posts that are interesting, informative, credible, and persuasive.

Quality matters when it comes to writing about health on a blog. You should educate yourself on how to write convincing health and wellness blog posts backed by solid research.

It’s crucial for health bloggers to maintain an air of credibility and accountability. In order to write ethical and best-practice health blogs, you must know where to draw the line when it comes to providing health advice.

When it comes to health, the subject of whether bloggers should offer advice is a hot one. As a health blogger, you risk occasionally drawing attention from the wrong quarters if you choose to write about particularly touchy or divisive health issues.

As a health blogger, you must be able to respond to queries and comments from readers, such as those on how to approach vaccine skepticism in writing, without getting emotional.

Where To Get Paid To Write About Health?

Nobody is going to pay you to post on your personal blog. But if you’re a freelance writer who also blogs, you can get paid to write health blogs.

Blogs about healthcare can be written for a variety of audiences, including consumers, healthcare providers, advocacy groups, and the media.

Searching Google with the phrase “write for us” as part of the query will provide results for websites and blogs that are open to guest posts. It can be a website addressing globe valve vs. gate valve related issues in the plumbing sector, or a baby gear brand spreading awareness about baby’s health.

Since there is already so much guest post spam out there, it is essential that you take the time to come up with a truly unique pitch whenever you submit an idea.

The Grand Scheme To Starting Your Blog

The first thing you need to do if you want to become a professional health blogger or write health blogs for clients is to figure out what you want to accomplish in the long run.

Do you plan on starting your own health blog, or will you focus solely on ghostwriting for other companies?

Create your own blog by doing the following:

  • You must carve out a special place for yourself and figure out your “why.”
  • Construct a strategy for promotion and social media engagement.
  • The first step is to figure out who you’re trying to help (your target audience) and why.
  • Think about your potential revenue streams (if needed)
  • Make a strategy for expanding your readership and your blog’s reach.
  • See to it that your knowledge of social media and blogging is up to par.

You should plan on maintaining your blog for at least two years, as it may take a long time before you start to see any results.

Writing A Blog For Customers As A Freelancer

Try looking into some of the websites and businesses that employ freelance writers to create blog entries. It doesn’t have to be medical related at all. You can even write for for manufacturers selling different types of commercial door locks or even for a fashion industry. Health is important for every industry after all.

It is helpful to compile a list of potential clients to find freelance employment. Reach out to them and pitch your freelance services. The best ones can be medical clinics, maternity centers, doctor’s hubs, etc.

Networking opportunities in the health industry can be found in face-to-face meetings with other health bloggers as well as online.


The desire to be a full-time blogger is shared by many, and fortunately, it is not difficult to realize. You just need expertise in niche selection, audience analysis, content production, and promotion to start making money as a blogger.

Whether you are an expert worker at injection molded nylon producing firm, or just an engineering student, creating sponsored content for sponsors, selling your own gear, offering digital products, embracing affiliate marketing, and other strategies are all viable options if your blog has gained a significant following.


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