How Nitrile And Latex Gloves Are Different And Their Common Uses

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Nitrile And Latex Gloves: Disposable medical equipment like gloves is essential for various environments that need healthcare. They protect patients and healthcare providers from dangerous microbe exposure and set a hygiene precedent and care across the industry. All disposable gloves are not equal and are made of different materials and design choices.

Different design choices and materials make certain products suitable for various medical environments. Also, when you order the wrong glove type for the practice, you can waste many resources and increase the risks associated with rips, tears, and punctures.

Disposable hand safety equipment consists of two main materials: nitrile vs latex gloves. The article further discusses how these two are different and what makes them unique. We’ll also know in which environment they work best.

About Latex Gloves

For a long time, latex glove types have been used by medical professionals throughout the world. It is as these were the recommended safety equipment against bloodborne pathogens such as HIV. However, with their popularity, many cases of allergic reactions were also there. It resulted in higher demand for alternatives. For the non-allergic group, these offer a lot of cost-efficient comforts and better touch sensitivity.

These gloves are made up of inorganic synthetic materials and these are common preferences of surgeons, tattoo artists, and hobbyists for their precision.

With more protection, comfort, and flexibility, disposable ones are ideal for many medical environments as long as allergies aren’t a problem.

Material Composition Of Latex Gloves

Latex consists of tree sap and is a 100% natural composition. As the material source is a tree, many people can be allergic to the material. However, these are mild and easily preventable. You must select other glove materials! And according to research, only using powder-less gloves mitigates allergies.

Regardless, you should check the box for checking whether you’ve got any of these, as the FDA can control medical suppliers for labeling products containing the material.

Nitrile Gloves

The synthetic rubber compound is commonly used as a disposable glove material. The compound has been present for a long time, but lately, it has become more affordable, which explains its popularity throughout the cleaning, food, and medical industries.

The material also offers a better chemical resistance than other materials of gloves. The level of chemical resistance is much higher than other glove types. Making it ideal to use at places with different types of ball valves.

Nitrile And Latex Gloves

What Are Nitrile Gloves Made Of?

The compound Nitrile has been there for some time but recently has become an affordable choice, which also explains its popularity throughout the food, cleaning, and medical industries. It also has better puncture resistance than other glove materials. These offer more chemical resistance.

After the COVID pandemic, many tattoo professionals donated nitriles to medical facilities and essential workers. Typically, healthcare facilities don’t use many things except high quality nitrile. Still, COVID resulted in lack of equipment across the U.S. Nurses reported glove disinfection with sanitizers witht the lack of PPE supply.

Benefits Of Both Varieties

With latex gloves, you get a good balance of protection and comfort. It is a renowned natural material. However, according to Google search, nitrile is the most outstanding choice.

According to a study, latex ones have better barrier protection—introducing powder-lesslatex results in fewer allergies among medical professionals. Disposable varieties are also renowned in hospitals.

Nitrile Benefits

Nitrile is also puncture resistant and also protects from various chemicals. Lab technicians, tattoo artists, and surgeons are the professionals who appreciate the dexterous material used. Research facilities and Academic labs can benefit from its broad resistance. You must double-check the chemical with the material compatibility of the glove manufacturer.

Latex Benefits

With the latex glove type, you balance protection and comfort. It is among the most renowned and popular natural glove materials. However, with Google search traffic, it is clear that nitrile is the most popular among them.

According to a study, these natural types offer great barrier protection. Using powder-free types significantly reduced the allergic reactions in healthcare professionals. Thus, disposable glove types are mostly used in many hospitals.

Which Gloves Can Be Reused?

The standard procedure by CDC doesn’t suggest disinfecting disposable medical hand protection equipment. However, many situations demand their reuse.

You can use alcohol-based sanitizers when you haven’t soiled these. The CDC stated that various disposable types like nitrile and latex were perfectly usable for more than six applications.

Which One Should Be The Ideal Choice?

The answer here is that nitrile is a higher-quality and stronger glove made with micro injection moulding than the latex one. However, the latter is cheaper for people who don’t need strong puncture and chemical resistance. It is not based on the task or job that you want to use them for.


The information mentioned above tells the differences between latex and nitrile ones. The nitrile types are of higher quality but are available at a higher price. The former can be cheaper, but they must work perfectly for a strong puncture, or chemical resistance isn’t necessary. However, whether you must use either of these depends on your job.


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