Celebrities and Their Love of Animals

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Brigitte Bardot

“I prefer to spend time with animals rather than people. Animals are honest. If they don’t like you, they just don’t come up to you, ”the actress once said. Her merits in the fight for animal rights are difficult to exaggerate, their list is almost endless. Let’s talk in more detail about what exactly Madame Bardot did to make life easier for our brothers in the cruel world of people.

Brigitte thought about the fate of the unfortunate animals long before she said goodbye to her career as an actress. Back in the early 1960s, Brigitte voiced her firm and uncompromising position on the cruel and inhuman treatment of animals in slaughterhouses throughout France. She fought so selflessly for the rights of these animals that the French government could not withstand her pressure and imposed a ban on outdated methods of killing animals. Instead, the country’s top leadership decided that more humane and painless methods of killing with stun guns should be used in slaughterhouses.

Also, Brigitte Bordeaux became interested in how the representatives of the fauna are treated in the zoos of Paris and other cities in France. Her efforts were not in vain. As it turned out, in several zoos in the country, the conditions for keeping animals were simply unacceptable, both sanitary standards and the feeding regime were violated, and in addition, cases of cruelty to animals and even their death in captivity were found. After Madame Bordeaux drew the attention of the French authorities to bullying and terrible conditions for keeping animals, several French zoos were closed, others were issued numerous fines and orders – to put the zoo’s premises in order and create favorable living conditions for its inhabitants.

Also, Brigitte Bordeaux is an ardent opponent of wearing natural fur. After all, these adorable fur coats, coats, hats, vests are created by killing unfortunate animals in the most horrifying ways. She personally took care of the wounded animals, abandoned to their fate, into her fragile hands. Since then, as a brave woman challenged poachers around the world, she has made many enemies in the person of these very poachers, hunters, and butchers. Many even threatened Madame Bardot, and some went to extreme measures, killing several of her pets.

After long harassment, Brigitte decided that she could not cope alone, so it was necessary to create a fund whose main goal would be the welfare and protection of animals. This required a lot of effort and a lot of money. Brigitte put up all her jewelry and belongings for auction in order to establish a foundation. And she did it. Donations began to flow to the fund. But, the more actively the activities of Madame Bardot’s organization expanded, the more financial resources were required to maintain it. Over time, it became clear that the donations were clearly not enough to implement all the grandiose plans Brigitte. In order for the French government to grant the foundation the status of a public organization, the foundation had to have impressive capital. Then Brigitte Bardot went to extreme measures. In order for her beloved brainchild to continue to exist, she transferred the ownership of her villa in France, which was worth more than 20 million francs, to the foundation. By the way, not in every zoo, you can find so many diverse representatives of the fauna as in Madame Bardot’s villa.

Alain Delon

Even at the time of his youth, Alain Delon preferred voluminous military jackets, which made it possible to hide and warm the puppies encountered on the way in their bowels. Today, the famous actor is already over eighty, but his love for our younger brothers has survived and transformed into several shelters for homeless animals. Several dogs also live in the actor’s house. He even bred a special breed of these animals. Delon always says that dogs remind him of a sick child who is set aside for life for some ten or fifteen years.

His love for animals is not limited to shelter maintenance. In Switzerland, where the actor lives permanently, he is known as the person who created the first precedent in judicial practice, when the victim himself – the dog Mambo – was present at the court session. And it all started with the fact that a harmless dog approached a group of teenagers, hoping to get a piece of something tasty. And in response, he received severe burns. The teenagers decided that dousing the unfortunate dog with gasoline and setting it on fire was fun. Alain Delon could not pass by such a blatant case of cruelty, and with his own hand he called his veterinarian for Mambo, and for the offenders, he achieved real terms through the court. By the way, Mambo even had his own lawyers during the hearing.

Eight dogs live on his estate, and on the territory of the residence, there is a special cemetery for animals that have already left the world. Today the cemetery has about 45 burials. The actor built a chapel on the territory of the churchyard and is going to rest here, among his faithful friends. He even received special permission from the authorities in this regard. Alain Delon considers such an opportunity an extraordinary luxury. A three-legged cat also found shelter on his estate. Once this unfortunate animal was tied to a car and its leg was torn off. Delon called a helicopter to take the cat to the vet and save her life. Since then, she has settled in the actor’s mansion and feels wonderful.

Marlon Brando

All unmarried girls and married ladies of the 20th century dreamed of kissing Marlon Brando, and if he changed ladies like gloves, then he carried his love for cats throughout his life. Any courtyard kitty could count on the caress and kiss of this iconic handsome man.

As a child, Marlon had a weakness for animals and endlessly brought home discarded kittens, puppies, and all kinds of substandard sparrows. But his father, without the slightest pity, threw away by the scruff of all the animals that he saw in the hands of children. The heart of the future Don Vito Corleone each time sank with pity when he saw the next legs fluttering in the air.

By the way, the cat that starred with him in The Godfather was also found literally in the garbage, and it only appeared in the frame thanks to Marlon Brando. The fluffy “actress” entered the set by accident and spun under everyone’s feet for a while, until Marlon Brando, the performer of the role of Don Corleone, noticed her – he lifted the cat to his knees and began to play with it and stroke it. Everyone around was struck by the contrast between Brando’s frightening image and his tender affection for the animal. Coppola decided to insert a similar scene into the film, so the cat got its first role.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio became famous for his incomparable talent in the world of big cinema. For more than twenty years, the star has captivated viewers with her perfect acting, vivid roles, and unusual stories. But Leonardo DiCaprio is also considered the main adherent of the “green” lifestyle among Hollywood celebrities. He takes an active part in various actions for the protection of animal rights.

As a teenager, Leo always had a strong affection and love for animals. He always had dogs at home. But DiCaprio also regularly fed stray animals. At an older age, Leo even wanted to become a researcher in the field of oceanography, but still chose a different path, but due to his strong love for animals, DiCaprio became a vegetarian and created several animal shelters.

It is worth noting the fact that Leonardo is a member of a fund that is engaged in environmental protection. There he regularly transfers huge amounts of money. In addition, the artist constantly shoots short films that demonstrate the harmful influence of man on nature.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed.

The Vampire Diaries star and his wife Nikki Reed raise not only cats and dogs, but also a horse. The actor rescued three cats in different parts of America and brought them to his home. Ian also picked up the dog: it happened in 2013, when the actor was driving home from the filming of the series. This “animal” story did not end there – a horse named Eagle was presented to the actor by his wife. Nikki and Ian are active in the fight for animal rights and often make calls for a new friend from the shelter.

Nikki Reed has always been distinguished by her love for “our little brothers”, which was the beginning of the collaboration of the actress with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She has developed a series of jewelry called “Mattlin Era”, all accessories of which are imbued with motives and images of animals. The proceeds from the sale of jewelry go to a special fund and help save the lives of many of America’s animals.

Nikki Reed: As a child, my mother allowed me to bring anyone I wanted the home to. My brother and I had a little coyote, a raccoon, and a squirrel. We fed them with a dropper. I am very glad that I and Ian are on the same side of the barricades on the issue of animals – we are doing everything together!

Ian Somerhalder publicly speaks out against the killing of four-legged friends, opposes the hunting of seals and the use of fur. Ian also organized a charitable foundation whose activities are aimed at preserving endangered species. Somerhalder recently received the prestigious Genesis Awards for his contribution to the fight for animal rights – an award for film and television stars who care about the problems of our smaller brothers.

Natalie Portman

After 8-year-old Natalie attended a medical conference with her father and saw how a poor chicken was “tortured” with a surgical laser, the girl flatly refused to eat meat. At the age of 15, the actress gave up other animal products, explaining her decision by the fact that she did not want to eat at the expense of the suffering of our smaller brothers.

Portman is an activist for Global Green USA, an international environmental organization. She, as an animal rights activist, will never wear natural leather or fur either at home or on the set. Natalie turned down the role when she had to wear a genuine leather suit on the set. When asked about rejection, this is what she said: “I am an animal lover and I have been a vegetarian for 17 years. I do not wear leather goods in my own life, and I will not wear them in the film either. They have to make me clothes made of artificial leather, or I will not take off. ”

Natalie Portman also creates vegan clothing and footwear made from non-animal materials. In addition, the actress took part in the filming of the documentary “Saving Species: Gorillas on the Verge of Extinction” for Animal Planet, which talks about the threat of extermination of rainforest animals.

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Charlize Theron

Like many Hollywood actresses, Charlize is active in the public arena. Everyone knows her love for animals and her work at PETA.

In her interviews, the actress has repeatedly emphasized that she sees no point in the suffering of living beings for the sake of whim and fashion: “Animals that are killed for their fur and skin are no different from our pets – the only difference is that there is someone to take care of the latter” … The actress herself does not change her principles and does not wear fur and leather products.

Charlize has several dogs, and all of them are from the shelter (she took one of them only after learning that he had cancer), and she is also a vegetarian.

Paul and Stella McCartney

One of the soloists of The Beatles has long been a vegetarian and an ardent animal advocate. In one speech, McCartney said that he was impressed by the Disney cartoon “Bambi”, which he watched as a child, although he made the decision to become a vegetarian in adulthood with his now-deceased wife Linda. The singer supports many organizations that protect our younger brothers, takes part in various actions, in particular, a couple of years ago McCartney supported a campaign that advocates a ban on the use of animals in the circus.

The Beatle also demanded a ban on the preparation and sale of foie gras, a French delicacy made from goose liver. A couple of years ago, McCartney called China a barbaric country and said that he would never play there. According to PETA, more than two million cats and dogs are used for fur products in China alone every year. And now the love for the feathered, shaggy, and mustachioed is reflected in the performances of the star. There are new points in his rider that concert organizers must observe. The singer’s requirements relate primarily to interiors, they should not contain anything at least somehow related to genuine leather: upholstery of sofas, limousine seats, accessories, all of them should be covered only in textiles, metal, and wood.

His daughter, clothing designer Stella McCartney, is in solidarity with her father. In her collections, Stella does not use natural fur and leather, replacing them with artificial ones. The designer speaks out against materials of animal origin and encourages colleagues in the shop to follow her example.

Tom Hardy

We’re crazy about Tom Hardy. And he is crazy about dogs. The actor has a special affection for them: “I just really love them. You will never convince a dog that you are not who you say you are. The dog is the best critic, the strictest. ”

After the death of her beloved pet, Tom wrote a letter of appeal on her blog: “He was only six years old. He was too young to leave us. I and my loved ones are crushed by this loss. Woody was the best travel companion in life we could only dream of. Our souls are intertwined forever. Thank you Woody for choosing us. We will always love you and never forget. I will see you when I also go to heaven. ”

Pamela Anderson

Famous Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson’s views on the treatment of animals were formed during her teenage years. As a child, when she saw her father bring a killed deer from the hunt, she made a grand tantrum, and from that time on, Pamela’s father stopped killing animals. Pamela became a PETA activist back in the early 90s. Since then, newspapermen have been closely following the activities of the “rescuer Malibu”, widely covering the actions of Pamela on the pages of the tabloids.

In Australia, the television star has demanded an end to the export of animals to Muslim countries, threatening to support an impending campaign to boycott Australian wool. Indian clothing designers have been criticized by Pamela for the extensive use of natural leather, resulting in millions of cows, buffaloes and other animals being slaughtered every year. In Canada, she took part in an action to protect baby fur seals. Pamela not only sets a personal example, ignoring the outfits of manufacturers from genuine leather, but also creates fashion herself. Together with designer Richie Rich, the famous blonde has developed a line of leather-free clothing and footwear.

Her voice saved the lives of many animals and helped improve their lives: “Animals, like people, are made of meat, bones, and blood; they have the same organs and senses that we have. They experience emotions, joy, and pain, create families, and build relationships if only given a chance, ”says Pamela Anderson.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling took three cats and a dog from the shelter and has made appeals in defense of farm animals on several occasions. For a long time, no one wanted to take the animals, and the leadership of the shelter decided to put the poor fellows to sleep. Ryan made it at the last moment. He left the cats to his parents in Toronto, and took the dog with him, going to conquer Hollywood. The actor adores his pet, trusts him to no one, and does not part with him even while working. The dog is no longer young, so in difficult situations, the actor even carries it in his arms. Such a loyal friendship can only be envied. The actor likes to repeat that he takes George for all interviews because the dog is much smarter and more interesting than himself.

Ryan’s darling, Eva Mendes, joined PETA by accident. Once the actress came to one of the New York premieres in a beautiful fur coat and after the event received a letter from activists asking them to think about what example Eva is setting for fans. “This message has awakened my consciousness. Previously, I was not very scrupulous in choosing a wardrobe, but now I do not want to harm animals, ”the star admitted in an interview. Now she works closely with PETA – willingly strips naked for advertising campaigns for the organization, encourages “to go naked rather than in furs”, follows a vegetarian diet and asks others to think before buying clothes for the creation of which animals suffered.

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