13 Celebrities With Their Pets

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Taking a homeless pet for yourself is an act of a real person! Abandoned cats and dogs, forced to survive on the street or grieve in kennels, deserve to find owners because that’s why they are pets – it’s hard for them without people.

Society in our time is becoming better and better aware of this problem, and people are increasingly striving to save someone’s furry life, and not buy expensive thoroughbred lords, who will be fine in life anyway (let’s hope).

It is also gratifying that many celebrities also take cats and dogs from the street or from shelters to their homes, actively shine them on their social networks, and thereby set an excellent example for their fans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dutch

Chris Evans and Dodger

Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

Charlize Theron and Johnny Utah

Eva Mendes and Lucho

Hilary Swank, Lucky, Karoo, Rumi, and Kai

Justin Theroux and Kuma

Taylor Swift and Benjamin

Jennifer Aniston and Clyde

Moby and Bagel

Ed Sheeran and Calippo

Selena Gomez and Vinnie

Amanda Seyfred and Lindos

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